Ligaya Drive Revisited

I can’t really remember when the last time was. I dare not check and find out. All I did was take with me the memory of the last.


See the mapped details via My Tracks : 17.32 kms in 3 hours 10 minutes and 44 seconds.

Map is best viewed @ Terrain for you to appreciate the elevation of the route.

At past 4 am we touched-down at Olivarez Plaza in Tagaytay. Went to McDo for breakfast before the run. About 5.02am, we started moving. Walk first.

didnt rest to stop until we reach this

The RUNTASTIC details of the first 7K of the run before u-turn @ KM7.4 is as follows:

1st km in 10 minutes 20 seconds @ speed of 5.8 kph

2nd km in 7 minutes 21 seconds @ speed of 8.1 kph

3rd km in 7 minutes 18 seconds @ speed of 8.2 kph

4th km in 7 minutes 9 seconds @ speed of 8.4 kph

5th km in 7 minutes 10 seconds @ speed of 8.4 kph

6th km in 7 minutes 30 seconds @ speed of 8.0 kph

7th km in 7 minutes 40 seconds @ speed of 7.8 kph

Most of the stop within this 7K is because of a chasing dog. Of course, we are not afraid of them. But to shoo them away, you have to stop first and face them. There was 1 particular moment when the dog chased and we we’re just at a cruising pace. Sakit sa legs mag.stop and turn to face the dog.

I wish i could link the elevation details here per My Tracks. Until I find out how, I’d just report it in figures.



ELEVATION GAIN = 1,224 meters

We started to dip from KM 4 until the U-turn. Anyways, just view the pictures of the route from my Android and that of Daphne‘s.

view from below (shhh) <we ran this one all the way to that small house>

Yes…we climb back to that “upper” horizon.

“breather” shot by Daphne

one the many bends going up
kakahingal. Ang lakas ba naman ng kasama ko…

1st and last pitstop @ a bakery. KM 13 of the route.

All the above picture are taken on our way back to where we started. All via my Android FX Camera.

Pictures below are some of the few we took via Instagram on our way to the U-turn.

Welcome to Talisay
@ Laeuna Taal ?

So, paano pumunta sa Tagaytay? Alam mo na yan. At pag nandun ka na, sadyain mo na rin ang Ligaya Drive.

Mula SM Bacoor to Olivarez Plaza, P 45.00 lang kung ordinary bus. P 60.00 naman kung aircon.

P 23.00 naman ang jeep mula Heritage-Tulay hanggang SM Bacoor.

Aircon bus from Olivarez Plaza to Pedro Gil is P 87.00.