The Stony Mount Tapulao

It was my first time. I have no idea.

I didn’t know that:

  • bus ride to Iba, Zambales can be fast from Caloocan. We left Monumento @ 11:01pm. We’re already in Iba, by near 3am.
  • Mount Tapulao is a not just a majestic mountain – it’s also loaded with stones, pebbles and rocks!
  • jeepneys and buses from the nearest highway from Tapulao drive-by in a limited time. Yeah – that means you can get stranded if you have no intention of hiring a tricycle.

Well, there goes something for being the first.


2037 MASL

Sitio Dampay, Barangay Salaza, Municipality of Palauig, Province of Zambales

The highest peak in Central Luzon



Left the house @ 7:20pm, 09-22-2012.

@McDo Monumento near MCU at about past 8:10pm, 09-22-2012.

Past 9:30pm, others started coming.

Bus left Victory Liner Terminal in Monumento @ exactly 11:01pm, 09-22-2012.

Ron Sulapas came too, but is not in the picture. Photo CREDIT to CJ Paran Jr.

The Group @ the Start @ 6:09am.

Photo Credit to Sir Jovie Narcise.

The stones are not noticeable at first. The ascent is hard enough.

I planned only to get some sweat out. It turned out, I need to sweat a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was trailing the group by the first 5K. I need to jog to catch up. I need to stop to rest and recover with lung busting. So much sweat. I really don’t mind the heat. It’s really the ascent that’s making me work hard … with all the things I carry.

The view was majestic. The body adapts well and recover best after a short rest. I am awed by the sight of the peaks.

Photo Credit to Sir Jovie Narcise

This activity proved to be something more than just what it is.

There’s just so much learnings to treasure – so much experience to cherish.

Add to the height of the summit –

  1. silted soil
  2. mossy clay
  3. rocky road
  4. sea of pebbles and stones
  5. muddy silt
  6. minor streams with ice cold water

I will no longer highlight the road trip. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not just cold – it’s also tiring. A good 4 hours from Monumento to Iba. Add to that the boring ride to and from the Eco-Center Station. Add to that the ride from and back home from Monumento.

It’s a tough call to anyone in need of sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was able to reach home @ 1:37am of MONDAY! I left home @ 7:20pm of SATURDAY!


How do you go to Mount Tapulao?

  1. Go to Victory Liner in Monumento. Take the bus to IBA. Fare is P 342.00
  2. From Iba, Zambales terminal, hire a tricycle to Eco-Center of Tapulao. One way trip is P 450.00 (max of 4 riders)
  3. Repeat the reverse to go home.

Other important information:

  • Noodles with egg = P 35.00
  • Pancit Canton with egg = P 30.00
  • RC Cola = P 20.00
  • 3-in-1 coffee P 10.00

I politely asked the neighbors if I can take a bath anywhere. A kind man (whose name I wasn’t able to get, directed me to his own home). They have free-flowing water. However, they have no lights. ๐Ÿ™‚

Signal for SMS or anything is limited up in the mountains.

Charging a cellphone is free.

Drink water to your saturation – they’re free! ๐Ÿ™‚ and COLD!

Some more pictures of the peak-bagging: Photo Credit to Sir Jovie Narcise and CJ Paran Jr.

Early walk
Catching up with the Team. I trailed for quite some time ALONE.
Pitstop near the Water Source
Nope…this is not the moon.
@ the bunker before the assault to summit
power drinking
@ the summit
One the best view of the trail
Slide Down?

Now I am looking forward to Tarak Ridge. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks be to God!