NIKE We Run Manila

On Sunday, 2 December, close to 13,000 runners will be up bright and early to take part in the Nike We Run MNL 10K race. As we approach race day, we would like to share with you a few reminders for the race:

December 2, 2012 (Sun)
4:00 am Assembly
5:30 am Gun Start
Starting point: Seaside Boulevard cor. Bayshore Ave, Mall of Asia activity area (see map below)


*Late comers who arrive at the starting line after 5:45 am

will not

be allowed to race.

4:00 am             Baggage Depository Opens
4:30 am             Race Village Opens/Start Pen Opens
5:00 am             Runners Warm-up and Stand-by
5:30 am             Gunstart
6:30 am             Race Village Elements Open (Concessionaires, Massage, Photo Booths)
8:00 am             Runners have to finish by this time to qualify for the Finisher’s Entitlement
8:15 am             Program Begins
– Host Opening Spiels
– Never The Strangers Set
– Sponge Cola Set
9:15 am             Prize Presentation for Individual Categories
9:45 am             Prize Presentation for School Category
10:00 am           Chicosci Set
10:30 am           Host Closing Spiels
11:15 am           Closing

Runners, please study the route map below – carefully. 🙂 Don’t cheat nor find your own “OTHER” way to the finish!

Way of Life

Today is the 4th day since the CM50 Clark-Miyamit 60K Trail Ultramarathon. Since Sunday night’s feast (gorging on whatever I like) up to this day, I have not done anything to follow my usual routine. Work-Run-Eat-Sleep-Eat-Errands-Run-Eat-Work. Surprisingly, I did not gain (as expected) nor lose any weight after this event. Maybe because of the yummy Peanut Butter and Nutella? LOLS

I am also not looking forward to any race this coming weekend (when I am registered to a Marathon). 🙂

Some worries are really not my worries. I do pick a time for worrying about anything (if and whenever I do). I do not just worry. I also do not just eat everything. I am so picky. I eat what I like – as much as I want to…and that’s what’s happening since Monday. FYI, my indicator for working out is when I feel bloated, and when I gain weight – after a big event.

That’s just it. I will be coming back soon (maybe in a day or two!) <<< PROCRASTINATION?

Just maybe. I feel like I gained a lot of weight already. But then I know I haven’t and that I am still at my racing weight.

Anyways, I can’t just go on procrastinating when all this is already my way of life. Let’s just say that I took a day off away from it all and is happy to go back anytime.


Simply Perfect

Well, almost!

Words the RD gave to everybody. Prior to gunstart. And it seemed to have greatly affected me. It played like a chant in my mind – all throughout the race. I never knew how the race will be. The only thing I am sure of is that I will finish the course – no matter what.

01:30am – off we go.

With an 8kgs backpack, I started to walk. I am just making sure I have everything I will need. I mean EVERYTHING. I started too slow. I was the last runner on the walk after the first turn from the Parade Ground. It was almost pit black when I reached the road to the trail. Of course, I am confident of the route. I know it and memorized it by heart.

My 1st 5K split is 49 minutes 33 seconds. You will see more details of my splits in the map. Just click on the YELLOW PIN to see the pacing and elevations.

02:49am – I was able to reach AS1 (KM 7). Finally, catched up with 3 runners. Finally seeing other people! LOLS.

By this time I am already hot. I did make a lot of jogs just to catch up to anyone. I am also confident of my fast walk (just in case).

The climb up the ramp to Sapang Bato is really something. It will make you catch your breath.

My 2nd 5K split (meters before we climb the stairs to the trails) is 54 minutes 29 seconds.

Now what happened after we enter the river is something worth mentioning. I thought (my bad!) the one ahead of me is carefully following the markers like I do. So I just followed. There – to my surprise. We were in never land. I told them that we are in the wrong way and that we have to go back. I will find the marker myself. So off I lead with Ronald Robles as my 2nd pair of eyes. By this time, a lot of people turned out. They got lost even before Sacobia River.

It was a 2K (1K off and back) until I saw the marker that leads to the right way. I shouted to everybody and off we go again.

My 3rd 5K (KM 13)  split now is at 1 hour 14 minutes and 17 seconds.

By the time we reached the Pasig-Potrero river crossing, It was already a clearly lit morning. I was also surprised to find a different river with waist-deep water. I stopped to change shoes and socks. This proves to be a very wise decision as you would find out later.

My 4th 5K split (KM 18) is 1 hour 26 minutes 38 seconds. Lots of ascending hills.

As we reached the flat part of the route going to Sapang Uwak, Ronald stopped to fix his shoes. I continued to run. Happy to be in a very nice pace.

My 5th 5K split (KM 23) is 40 minutes 31 seconds. This is also AS3 is located.  I run and aimed at reaching it by 6:45am. I was able to. The RD and BR is also there. I took a bite of Biko, a bottle of Red Dragon, refilled my 2 bottles, left my heavy bag and head on to the tougher part of the race. The never-ending-rolling-hills-to-the-falls.

Now this part is a bit puzzling. I am on my way to the 6th 5K split. That means 30K already less the overshot 2K. So 28K. The AS4 is located @ KM27 before the falls. From AS4 down to the falls and back is a good 3K. My record proved to be too short – in terms of the exact location of the Aid Stations. Dang.

My 6th split (supposedly KM 27 where the AS4 is) is 1 hour 4 minutes 37 seconds. And I m way too far to AS4!

I do like the rolling hills. Not for the ascending part, but for every downhills. It’s my strength.

Finally..reaching AS4.

My 7th 5K split (now a 35K) but is only at KM 27 of the route (ang laki ng sobra ng overshoot!) is 1 hour 15 minutes 43 seconds. Here I feasted on a Tasty Bread with loads of NUTELLA and Peanut Butter. Alternate eating them while seated. Such joy it is for me. 3K to go and I will be mid-way the entire race.

I left my other bottle at the Aid Station. I brought one to use to fetch cold water in the falls. A brief shot, a few cold water in my shins, calves and legs, I climbed back.

My 8th 5K (now a 40K run for me – but on the 32nd KM of the actual race) split is 1 hour 24 minutes 18 seconds. A bit slow due to the slow climb up from the falls. I made it fast going down despite the muddy-slippery trail. But going up took me a lot of rests…

Now I’m a bit fast going down the hills. 🙂 Going back is a joy to me.

My 9th 5K (now a 45K run but on the actual 37th KM of the route) split is 55 minutes 47 seconds. This I think is the most beautiful part of the 60K route. Also, one of the hardest climbs after you go down. It’s also where we encountered INSOLENT motocross riders. They rode like they own the road. They smoked us with dusts!

My 10th 5K split (now a 50K for me but only the 42nd Km of the route) is 1 hour 11 25 seconds. I stopped at a Sari Sari store after AS3 to buy a Mountain Dew. Then off to pass the tunnels. I am still alone here, after Jael passed me.

My 11th 5K split (now a 55K for me but only 47th KM of the race) is 1 hour 12 minutes 38 seconds. I was with Mike, Harold and Jing here. Crossing the waist-deep river altogether.

My last 4K before my phone died is at 59.42K. I am already in the Last 10K of the route which is in Sapang Bato right after you passed thru some climbs and descend on the stairs again. I stopped to buy another Mountain Dew at a nearby store in the Village.

See map below.

Good thing, the RD was kind enough to add another hour for the cut-off.

Caught up with Jon Las Bruce in this part of the route as we enter the long-dry-dusty-road to AS1.

Very Happy here. Seeing friends @ AS1. Photo credit to Jairuz O. Agang-ang

Time check: Last 7K to Finish Line with exactly 2 hours to go.

I did not stop at the last station for anything except the photo. 🙂 I want the run to end. I am really hungry at this point. I am left with 1 bottle of water. It’s enough to see me through…I thought.

I ran as much as I could along the Sacobia River. I was singing praises and shouts of joy at this point. I know the route very well that my soul is ahead of me in everyway. I see myself crossing the finish line at a good time and at a good speed.

I stopped to remove the sand in my shoes and socks. Then, gather myself to push for a well deserved finish.

Best shot of my day! 🙂 Photo Credit to Dennis Wufei Cumal

This is one hard trail.

Not for the faint hearted.

Not for the unprepared.

Not for the strong willed.

Not for everybody, in short.

Best Shot of the Day is at least 100 meters, more or less to the Finish Line.


I ran a total of 69.5 kms to finish a 60K hard trail. All for a shirt!


Shot with teammate and 2nd Placer Mccoy
with Jing and Harold whom I shared a lot of space along the route

All glory and honor to the Lord God Almighty!

CM50 Preps

The event is on Sunday. Yes, THIS coming Sunday – the 25th of November.

Time to double-check everything.

  1. Are you ready? MIND, BODY and SPIRIT?
  2. Gears? Head to Toe. Check now.
  3. Drinks? Every how many minutes, hours? Have enough? Emergency bottle?
  4. Fuel? You should know what you are most likely to eat and will not.
  5. Emergency pack?
  6. What if you get lost, you know what to do?

Follow the clouds below…everythings IN there.

dontgetlost extrasocks extrabottleofwater emergencythingstonibble headwear visor shades armguard shinguard gloves extrashirt clothforwipinganddrying perseverance willpower noretreatnosurrenderattitude faithinGod trustintheLord replacementshoes bandage energydrinks moo chuckie vitamilk extrajoss hotdogsandwich adoborice backtrackYSM senseoflocation cleareeyes alertness lookforthemarkers stopwhenyouseenomarkers dontjustfollow lead raisins hydrite mountaindew wagkamagcoke poweradeion donotoverspeed donottakeittooslow maintainagoodpace walkorrunbutdontbestill forgetaboutthepictures wagkamakulit enjoytheview enjoythesmell dontpanic callsomeoneifyouarenotsureanymore pray meditate focus useyourcoconut wagmasyadomagaling convinceyourselfthatyouwillfinish dothat finishnomatterwhat cryforhelp nowhining dontbeawimp acceptwhatyoucannotchange putupwiththechallenge dnfisnotanoption challengeyourself bereadyforanything dontexaggerate wagmaarte watchtheveterans watchyourmentors watchthebadassrunners donothesitate checktomakesure donotthinktoomuch donotlosehope donoteatsomuch drinkenough wagkamagpadehydrate mahirapperodoable doabletalaga nagawanabefore nagreconkadapat sapresintokamagreklamowagsakasabaymo hindigumagalawangrutaikawlang wagbastamaniwala maniguro makialamkungtamaka safinishlinekaumiyak safinishlinemoindahinlahat pagmaymasakitderetso pagmaykumirottuloylang dontletanythingstopyou mauubosorasmo dontbemisterknowitall dontbegullibletoo youdendupinclarkifyoumissthestairs prayitdoesntrain nawawagumulan sanahindiumulan hopeitwontrain getabuddy usealleyesyougot besensitive lookforwardtothefeastafter justlookforward getyourbearing donotlosedirection focusulit focusisthekey drinkevery15minutespagmainit drinkevery5ksadilim becarefulofthebranches uneventrail nevertakeoffthesupportfootunlessyuaresure balanceiseverything maramingbangin takegreatcare hindilahatngpababaaypwedetakbuhin noteverydownhillisrunnable kailanganngtrekpoleotungkod conserve conservebutdonotbetooslow slowissurebutnotalways candies chocobars biscuits pharmaton rogin-e chocomilk ice icetubig iceyourleg iceyourcalf listentoyourbody drinkmorewaterifyoustarttoswell whenyouswelldrinkmorewater morewater keepyourwits observetherules followtherules youcannotcheatinthisevent miyamitfallsiscold malamigtubigsafalls betterkungmagdip magdipka wagkamagtatagalsapagdip

NEVER MISS (marker yang white paint sa hagdanan)


yes, please!


I just turned 41.

Thanks be to God.

There’s just so much to be grateful and thankful for.

I once had a dream of becoming an ultrarunner. I believe I already am.

So blessed with strength and power and stamina and endurance – in mind, body and spirit. I can’t ask for more.

I already am a father of three to my dear wife. I can’t ask for more.

I have a good job that pays enough to cover the monthly bills. I’d like to ask for more. 🙂

I just turned 41. Can I do a 42K now? LOLs

If the Lord is willing, I’d have my first (for the year) on December 2.  Only, that would depend on my condition after November 25.

We’ll see.




Checklist ng mga bala para sa malupit na akyat baba sa bundok at sapa:

  • honey in sachets
  • hydrite in sachets
  • orange juice 1 Liter
  • tubig – as many as you can!
  • hopia <<< ito ang tunay na life-saver!
  • salt sachets ng McDonalds <bibili ko ng french fries si Cyril>

Wag na wag:

  • iced tea ng green leaf
  • red tea (hibiscus)

Pwedeng subukan:

  • tomato paste 1/4 cup
  • yogurt 8 oz
  • carrot juice 3/4 cup
  • spinach (cooked) 1 cup


Mabagal na pacing. 10 minuto hanggang 14 minuto lang bawat kilometro. Mas mabilis pag pababa. Konting effort lang pag paakyat.

Kailangang makapagpalit ng shoes at medyas pag lampas ng mahabang sapa or magdala ng pamunas para tuyuin ang paa.

Malupit ang KM 20 hanggang 30. Dapat wala ka ring patawad. Aktuwali, malupit ang ruta pagpasok ng trail. Iwasan magmadali sa road.

Mas mabuting maglublob sa malamig na falls bago bumalik. Sige, wag mo subukan. 🙂 Makikita mo.

Mas magaang ang bitbit, mas mabuti.

Magbalot ng sarili para sa init at lamig. Malamig ang simula – at mainit ang katapusan.


Magbaon ng maraming panalangin at tiyaga. Pag wala ka nang kasabay – talk to Jesus! 🙂

Gamitin lahat ng pwedeng gamitin (hehehe – mata lang ok na!) para hindi maligaw. Maraming markers pero dapat mong makita at alam mong sumunod. Lumiko sa tamang likuan. Wag dumerecho sa kawalan. Take note!

Uulitin ko. Wag dumerecho sa kawalan…baka malibang ka at tumakbo ka lang ng tumakbo dahil merong tumatakbo sa unahan mo. Hindi lahat ng nasa unahan ay nasa tama! At hindi rin lahat ng ilaw ay kasali. LOLS.

Walang masamang magmatulin – basta tama ang tinatakbuhan!


(wag na wag kakalimutan)

  • headlamp na may baterya na tumatagal!
  • sun visor at shades pag maliwanag na
  • extra handheld flash lights for me na merong bateryang tumatagal! (pektib to!)
  • hydration bag na may laman at pwedeng paglagyan ng kung ano anong naka-sachet.

Good luck sa lahat!