CM50 Preps

The event is on Sunday. Yes, THIS coming Sunday – the 25th of November.

Time to double-check everything.

  1. Are you ready? MIND, BODY and SPIRIT?
  2. Gears? Head to Toe. Check now.
  3. Drinks? Every how many minutes, hours? Have enough? Emergency bottle?
  4. Fuel? You should know what you are most likely to eat and will not.
  5. Emergency pack?
  6. What if you get lost, you know what to do?

Follow the clouds below…everythings IN there.

dontgetlost extrasocks extrabottleofwater emergencythingstonibble headwear visor shades armguard shinguard gloves extrashirt clothforwipinganddrying perseverance willpower noretreatnosurrenderattitude faithinGod trustintheLord replacementshoes bandage energydrinks moo chuckie vitamilk extrajoss hotdogsandwich adoborice backtrackYSM senseoflocation cleareeyes alertness lookforthemarkers stopwhenyouseenomarkers dontjustfollow lead raisins hydrite mountaindew wagkamagcoke poweradeion donotoverspeed donottakeittooslow maintainagoodpace walkorrunbutdontbestill forgetaboutthepictures wagkamakulit enjoytheview enjoythesmell dontpanic callsomeoneifyouarenotsureanymore pray meditate focus useyourcoconut wagmasyadomagaling convinceyourselfthatyouwillfinish dothat finishnomatterwhat cryforhelp nowhining dontbeawimp acceptwhatyoucannotchange putupwiththechallenge dnfisnotanoption challengeyourself bereadyforanything dontexaggerate wagmaarte watchtheveterans watchyourmentors watchthebadassrunners donothesitate checktomakesure donotthinktoomuch donotlosehope donoteatsomuch drinkenough wagkamagpadehydrate mahirapperodoable doabletalaga nagawanabefore nagreconkadapat sapresintokamagreklamowagsakasabaymo hindigumagalawangrutaikawlang wagbastamaniwala maniguro makialamkungtamaka safinishlinekaumiyak safinishlinemoindahinlahat pagmaymasakitderetso pagmaykumirottuloylang dontletanythingstopyou mauubosorasmo dontbemisterknowitall dontbegullibletoo youdendupinclarkifyoumissthestairs prayitdoesntrain nawawagumulan sanahindiumulan hopeitwontrain getabuddy usealleyesyougot besensitive lookforwardtothefeastafter justlookforward getyourbearing donotlosedirection focusulit focusisthekey drinkevery15minutespagmainit drinkevery5ksadilim becarefulofthebranches uneventrail nevertakeoffthesupportfootunlessyuaresure balanceiseverything maramingbangin takegreatcare hindilahatngpababaaypwedetakbuhin noteverydownhillisrunnable kailanganngtrekpoleotungkod conserve conservebutdonotbetooslow slowissurebutnotalways candies chocobars biscuits pharmaton rogin-e chocomilk ice icetubig iceyourleg iceyourcalf listentoyourbody drinkmorewaterifyoustarttoswell whenyouswelldrinkmorewater morewater keepyourwits observetherules followtherules youcannotcheatinthisevent miyamitfallsiscold malamigtubigsafalls betterkungmagdip magdipka wagkamagtatagalsapagdip

NEVER MISS (marker yang white paint sa hagdanan)


yes, please!

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