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More than Just a FOREFOOT Runner

People. Born to make mistake so they say. That's what we are. Err...is that Human?

Since time immemorial all the world's thinking population carefully give great thought on good health, fitness and general well-being. Now where can I find a stat of that? How many engaged in sports? How many just decided to diet? How many did nothing despite the desire for it?

Some "sprinter" friends call me a jogger. Well, we have different reasons for running. Yet, we all want to be fit and healthy. While we all learn from experience, I see no harm in trying to do anything perfectly the first time. One good way to do just that is to start by being forewarned thru reading.

Wearing old running shoes or wearing the wrong type of running shoes for your foot and running style can lead to running injuries.

Have your gait checked and evaluated. Find…

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