NIKE We Run MNL 2012

It was a week after my hard-trail ultramarathon.

I am not confident of a particular finish time for this 10K.

I rested the entire weekdays for this 1 weekend event.

I’m glad however, for what turned-out to be a very good run.


I was thankful to God for my being on time for the gunstart. I thought. πŸ™‚

I was about 5 minutes early for the 5:30am gunstart. I was walking and jogging from Buendia-Roxas Blvd to MOA.

Strangers shouted at me that the event is about to start already and I am still @ near Macapagal Ave.

Duh? So many people. πŸ™‚ 13,000 was expected to run in this 10K event and it never occurred to me that this is how it will be.

I walked my way in to the starting line. Only to get stucked somewhere before Bayshore Ave and find myself too far from the Arc. Oh my. The runners were released in waves. I am in the 2nd wave. I can barely see the 1st wave for I was burried with loud chattings and rants around me.

The first wave was released and I reached the arc after 9 minutes. Bumped with Coach James Dulalia for awhile then weaved my way thru the jungle of dark shirts.

I was on a good start. My legs felt fine. I am breathing well too!

Loud lively music can be heard whenever I pass thru some booth with DJs playing their stuff.

Hydration tables abound with drinks.

Everybody’s just following the waves. The crowd in this event is a real crowd. Very very crowded. It takes talent to weave. I wanted to finish well in at least 60 minutes. I know my pace so well that I am comfortably weaving thru with ease except for the many times I was reduced to walking whenever I encounter a wall of FRIENDS-HOLDING-A-WALK-WITH-PICTURE-TAKING-SHOULDER-TO-SHOULDER. Funny as it is to me – I find it well – understandable. It’s a good day to bond and share the road with people that matters to you, right? So I just silently waited until a slight opening reveals itself. Then, I would hurry to run in and forward to my goal.

It is good to note however that I find the Dj at the turn-around in Macapagal Ave past Uniwide Coastal as very lively and plays a good rhyme. He pumps the energy so well. Runners would even raise hand whenever he chants. (I did!)

By this time, I was running a bit harder – testing the limit of my speed (If I may call it as it is). All I wanted is a sub-60-minute. It it’s 60 minute – I’d be happy. πŸ™‚

At the last turn of Seashore Ave to the long stretch to the finish line, I saw clear markers ignored by many. 800m to go. 400m to go. I was zooming at this point. I even extended the stride to overtake a lot of walkers, and chase a bit some runners on their last sprint too.

I recorded my run from the starting line and back via my Android Phone Apps RUNSTAR. I timed myself @ 54 minutes 49 seconds. I started running (well I walked for a while) @ 5:52am. I stopped the apps at the quickest moment I crossed the finish line.

I catched up with Dennis Ravanzo a.k.a. RunningPinoy near the finisher’s booth. Claimed the Finisher’s Shirt and drinks then head to the VIP Lounge for our breakfast. Thanks be to God!

Here’s the snapshot of the official result: (it doesn’t matter now to me that we have a discrepancy)

2 minutes off?
2 minutes off? taken by Dennis Ravanzo
Me with Allan Pineda aka Apl.De.Ap taken by Dennis Ravanzo

(yeah, I have a tummy…:) I am resting and loading on carbs and anything, ok?!? )

The tapa and rice plus omellete post race is a welcome one. I like it. Add a cup of coffee and some juice after.

Special shout of thanks to:

Trina Villanueva
Media Relations Manager
Ogilvy Public Relations

with Runner-Friends taken from Bards Bathan's

with Runner-Friends taken from Bards Bathan’s

πŸ™‚ Good day for me. πŸ™‚ Thankful to God!


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