Some Thoughts

The 5th BDM 102 Ultramarathon is near. Exactly 17 days before the gunstart. It’s one event I will miss for this year – but I will be there as a support.

The veterans who will be running it for the nth time will just be taking it easy again. However, for the new ones who will experience it for the first time – we can’t really tell what will happen. It really is all up to them. Strong or not – the result might just be different. The race plays on too many factors.

  • the long distance
  • the weather
  • the overall preparation of the runner
  • the general body condition on race day
  • the toughness of the runner’s mind

There’s just no room for mistake.

It could be too long to some. The distance might just overwhelm the unprepared.

The weather could be harsh. It could turn out to be too hot. Lucky to some, and unlucky to others if it rains.

Mileage may just not be enough.

Lack of good sleep might play a big role.

Inadequate hydration and refuelling might also surface.

The runner might just crack as the distance nears…

Nothing is certain.

It seems.

But some thing IS!

IF you believe you can…

IF you are up to the challenge…

Then it’s a battle!

I can’t wait to watch this time. I wanted to run, yes, but I will be supporting a good friend of mine.

Prayer helps.

🙂 There’s no harm kneeling to the ONE who loves so generously and is able to grant so much mercy.

It is the Lord.

Talk to Him.

This day onwards up to the finish line. He will guide you and help you.

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