Chasing Mike and Daphne

As usual, I am early @ the meeting place.


At past 3am I am already @ SM Bacoor to meet Daphne. She’s already @ 7-11 by the time I get there.

Off we go to Tagaytay via a very morning in a very cold bus. LOLS

Since it’s quite early and we need to eat, we stayed @ McDonald’s Tagaytay (like always) and waited for Mike.

By quarter to 6am, we’re off to our route.

McDo to Palace in the Sky

After a few pictures, back to the road. šŸ™‚

Palace in the Sky to Tagaytay Junction

After a brief rest, off we go again for the additional distance to complete 21K.

I may have oversped. LOLS.

I tried my best to catch up and I constantly failed. Well, Daphne is really fast. Mike too. I could only look and not find them in my sight. LOLS (I need to invite a slower runner next time…:))

535569_10151466291930860_1929871341_n 554113_10151466579855860_1063699855_n


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