What could be wrong?

I wonder too.

With the number of runner who DNF last 5th Bataan Death March Ultramarathon, I have to ask.

Not that it’s entirely my business.

Not that I am nosy and all.

Yes, it happens. But more than once – for the same person ? It’s a bit alarming to me.

Not that I care if it’s your own money.

Not that I care if you do have a lot of money.

I wish to state that I mean well.

That maybe, somewhow, if I could introduce a different perspective, one would finally succeed.


What went wrong? The last time, compared to this time, what’s the difference – if any, and how did things end up to be a DNF?

Sometimes, when we fail to face the truth, we face an undesirable consequence.

I will understand if the runner is injured. Otherwise, what could be wrong? What is lacking, if any? What needs to be done?

the dawning of knowledge

BDM, 102 or 160 requires a proper preparation.

  • your body needs to be able to cope with running long and longer at a certain pace. You should be able to maintain the minimum at all times – that means pacing at net of your rest and stops
  • your mind needs to be able to stay sane the whole time – else, you need a good and experienced support crew
  • you need a balanced hydration and re-fuel plan
  • you need to know what to do in case problems arise – else, your support crew should know

Everything may be learned. You just have to source-out the information from the knowledgeable ones.

Who knows, you just might be in need of a good coach. 🙂


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