IN OTHER NEWS 2013 #003

Fairy Tail Chapter 322 is up! I love it! LOLS 😛


Team Boring’s CJ Paran finished BDM 160K and 102K 2013. BUT – he is not the first BORING member to do that. He is the 2nd, so far!

BORED member Doc Art Virata is the first one who has accomplished such an incredible feat. In 2011, he finished 160K and 102K the week after. This year’s 160 and 102 has at least a month of rest in between.

In the same note, Team Boring’s Daphne Codilla is the 1st runner up for the 5th BDM 102K. She is the 2nd so far! Last year’s 4th BDM 102K 1st runner up is no other than BORED member Aleth Reblora.

Amazing people indeed!


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