Monday afternoon run was a hot run. @4pm, the sun still stings.

I took the route of CCP to Intramuros for a change. ๐Ÿ™‚ 8.01 K in 1 hour 8 minutes!

The green F50 Racer isn’t bad at all. The bad thing is that I used a new socks – and suffered a blister. Toinkz!


Wednesday night run after work is a bit surprising. While I intend to go home early, and do only a very short run, I was able to log a good time.

4 kilometers in 00:23:53 minutes

Splits = 7:04 – 5:54 – 5:57 – 4:58 minutes

The green F50 Racer performed well even with a new Black Nike Cotton Socks.

I followed the run with a Recovery Jog of 1K in 8:26


Thursday night run was amazing for me. I was actually surprised at the top speed I was running. It was a 2:1 10K run but the run pace is quite impressive to me. The walk pace is even fast. I did sweat a lot but the good thing is I was carrying a micro-fiber face towel.

The Green F50 Racer combined with the new White Nike Cotton Socks proved well too!

10.01K in 1:15:49. Average Pace for this Run:Walk is 7 minutes 34 seconds per Kilometer.

Splits: 8:22 / 7:30 / 7:22 / 8:09 / 7:01 / 8:42 / 7:02 / 7:29 / 6:42 / 7:00

I repeat (for those who might miss the detail – this is a 2 MINUTES RUN followed by a 1 MINUTE WALK. It’s not a continuous run. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I am walking at a 6K/hour pace, my run pace is? You do the math!

Now you know why I am happy.


Saturday afternoon run was a drag. Jogged and walk from Quirino via Nagtahan Bridge to CEU – TIP and Ayala Bridge to Paco. The Climacool Ride is no ride at all. Felt tired. Felt lazy. It was also too hot for a 5:06pm start. So much vehicle around too. Managed only a 7K in 1 hour 4 minutes 57 seconds.


Sunday morning run was a long run. I started @6:41am. It’s already too hot.

Took the 16K route from Baywalk to Macapagal Avenue and back via MOA thru GSIS-CCP.

The Climacool Ride is a good ride this time. My thirst threshold stayed at 15K.ย  A nice run on a Sunday morning!


Last week was overall a bit faster and longer than this week. But I have had the longest run in this week so far. Anyways, I can already see some improvements. I need 2 weeks more before my personal time trial. ๐Ÿ™‚ That will be the proof of the fruit.

Thanks be to God!

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