Which is Which?

Got a question from someone:

As to what I would recommend for a 21K.

  1. 3:1?
  2. 4:1?
  3. 5:1?

Simply put, it depends:

  • SPECIFICITY: You need to train for it, and find out what protocol suits you. Can you recover in 1 minute after the run? Practice alone can enable you to perfect it.
  • PACE: How fast can you run before you will even require to recover? Do you even need to recover?
  • OVER-ALL BODY FITNESS: You do not actually need to adapt any protocol if your over-all body fitness is able to run longer continuously. That is true specially when you are a strong runner. Users of protocol in a race normally are the ones who needs a window to recover and breathe or they are the ones who practically choose to do things the “galloway”.

Share your inputs. We can discuss this more…


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