Miyamit Sunday! 🙂

Php 011.00 Jeepney fare from Amvel to Heritage

Php 027.00 Bus fare from Heritage EDSA to Cubao via a Novaliches Bullet Bus

Php 076.00 Late night snack at Chowking. Coffee and Pork Tofu.

Php 023.00 Cobra Smart

Php 015.00 Jeepney fare from Nepo to Manibaug

  • Start of Trek

@4:35am, Sapang Uwak to View Deck. 9.32K in 2:17:39. Highest Elevation is 963m. Elevation Gain = 1,156m.

@7:26am, View Deck to Miyamit Falls. 2.69K in 37:41. Highest Elevation is 984m. Elevation Gain = 172m.

@9:13am, Miyamit Falls to Sapang Uwak. 10.54K in 1:54:16. Highest Elevation is 916m. Elevation Gain = 478m.

Php 040.00 2 x 800 ml Juicy Lemon (cold enough) while having some chitchat with Yob, Majo and Atty Jon. Priceless exhange of knowledge!

Php 200.00 Tricycle fare from Sapang Uwak to Manibaug

Php 180.00 Big meal for a small guy at Cely’s

again, another priceless exhange of stories, knowledge and wisdom.

Php 010.00 Jeepney fare to Dau Bus Terminal

Php 140.00 Bus fare from Dau to Recto (Manila)

I continuosly sweat even with the aircon bus. I was also very thirsty. I have to wait to get off before I could even buy a drink.

Php 008.00 Jeepney fare from Recto to Nagtahan Flyover

Php 008.00 Jeepney fare from Nagtahan Flyover to Paco, Paz

Php 008.00 Paz to House

Consumed a lot of water and gatorade while having some snack of fried saba.

Total cashtos for this trip: Php 746.00

Knowledge, Wisdom, Friends, Fun and Experience Gained: PRICELESS!

Praise be to the Lord God Almighty!




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