Newton reActivated

6th of May 2013

Ran from Pedro Gil to CCP and back home via Remedios in Malate.

6.07K 6:1 run walk in 00:44:09

SPLITS: 7:19 / 7:17 / 7:38 / 6:42 / 7:21 / 7:38

The shoe remained to be tough and nice to my feet.

While the lugs are all reduced to half, and there are lots of “bruises” in the sole, it still is the best ride so far.

I have done the following marathons in this shoe:

  1. Cebu Marathon in 05:49:21 January 10, 2010
  2. Condura Marathon 2010 in 5:56:16 February 7, 2010. Pacer using Galloway 7:45
  3. 34th MILO Marathon in 5:42:14 July 4, 2010
  4. 2nd QCIM in 5:13:08 December 5, 2010. Official Race Pacer for 5:15 finish time
  5. 35th MILO Marathon in 5:58:39 July 31, 20100. Pacer for a 6-hour finish time.

To date, it’s mileage before this 6K is 1,365.

I have written about it before in the following posts:

Looking forward now to a marathon again, with it! 🙂




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