Host: Niño Muhlach

When: MAY 28, 2013 (TUESDAY)





“Juana C. The Movie” follows the outrageously hilarious yet painfully realistic adventures of a young person who slowly awakens to her country’s ills and how these are perpetuated by greedy businessmen, corrupt politicians, and a complacent majority. Hers is a journey from apathy to awareness to action – a triple A transformation!


Juana is a happy-go-lucky member of an indigenous people living in the mountains of Northern Luzon. When the class valedictorian falls victim to toxic waste, Juana is forced to take her place as a scholar at the elite “Arrneowww de Manila University.” Besieged on one side by unabashed commercial tourism and by an expanding nickel mining plant on the other, Juana’s community pins its hopes on her to finish school, become a lawyer, and come back to save the community’s ancestral land. 


As soon as Juana sets foot in Manila, however, it becomes clear that her village’s mission for her might be an uphill battle. Ashamed of her poverty and tribal origins, Juana immediately reinvents herself as a bar-hopping, salon-pampered colegiala in order to gain acceptance in her new world. Juana soon finds that the only way to sustain her lavish lifestyle is to find work, which she does – as a high-class, plus-size escort for a niche market of chubby chasers.


Her trade brings her to the doorstep of Philippine power, in the persons of rich and corrupt politicians. As Juana’s star rises in the escort industry, she stumbles upon a sinister plot that will threaten everything and everyone she loves. With the help of Yanni (her first love), Hiro (an activist who has a crush on Juana), and Marina (a news blogger who runs around following leads in 7-inch heels), Juana will use all of her fabulous 250 pounds to fight the good fight against corruption and apathy.






===== $$$ =====

Who is Juana Change?

By Rody Vera


The Philippines today is facing several major political challenges. On top of a global financial crisis that is now beginning to affect the lives of many Filipinos whose economic status depends almost primarily on the migrant workers monthly remittances, the present administration is saddled with a long list of corruption scandals and an ominous possibility of a repetition of the Marcos dictatorship. Many indications that compare to the previous tyrannical regime are quietly put in place. Most glaring of these is the attempt by the legislature, upon the prodding of the supporters of the President, to amend the Constitution, infamously called Charter Change, thereby allowing an extension of the Presidential term. This being the tip of the iceberg, since President has been known to have plans of shifting the current political system to a parliamentary structure that would enable her to even extend her term even further, as Prime Minister. To date, the Philippines has been ranked as the number 1 corrupt country in Asia. Hunger and poverty rates have continually increased. The current global crisis is threatening to exacerbate the conditions. 


The Philippines, however is also suffering from a general apathy among sectors with regards to responding to these political and economic problems. While civil society and other key sectors have been striving to continually expose and oppose the failings and underhanded dealings of the current administration, there is a need to inspire people to participate in the coming elections to declare their outrage against the current lineup of government leaders.


Artists in the Philippines having a long history of serving the function of inspiring and goading sectors into action are also becoming more active. One of the initiatives of a small group of artists is the Juana Change Project.


Juana Change is part of a continuing project of advocacy campaigns for freedom, justice, and good governance using the sharpest political satire hoping to evoke a social sentiment for change. The idea for Juana Change was brainstormed by a group of artists and social activists, who, because of lack of money and other resources, decided to create small video episodes and upload it to the Internet video servers for public viewing. The episodes feature Juana Change, a Filipino generic character who may at some instances represent an agent for social change or at some other instances the exact opposite. Juana is a pun that refers to two diametrically opposed political stances on change: One is referring to “Wanna Change” indicating an expressed need for radical reforms in the Philippine society and politics. The other refers to “Wa Na Change” (meaning Change is hopeless). This dichotomy that reflects the apathy and the sincere hope of a divided nation is crystallized in the different episodes that lampoons powerful politicians and corrupt officials as well as calling for a broader form of action amongst the majority.



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