No Reason To Be Sad

I am convinced!


I have always been grateful to my God for this life. I don’t even mind repeating myself in my own blog. I am a family man. I am the sole provider for my wife, and 3 kids. I have 2 teenagers in their high school study, and the youngest in Grade 2.

I have bills too. I pay utilities and I pay house rent monthly. Add to that the many things required at school for the daily studies of the children…and yes, we eat daily! ๐Ÿ™‚

In short – I am loaded.

Not that I am complaining. Not me. I put all my trust to my ever-loving God who never fails to provide for all my and my family’s need.

Yes, for all my need – NOT every thing I want.

I’ve always wanted to join ultra-races.

I wanted to. Let me ask my self: “Do I need to?”

At the rate of the races these days – I must admit that I cannot afford it.

It’s a bonus from the Lord when I get to race at all.

I can race every week. I wanted to but I cannot.

I don’t think that I need too.

Yes, there are races I have locked my eyes at. I wanted to …

and I will pray for it.

Only God can see through the deepest desires of our hearts. He can read what’s on our mind. No one can hide anything from Him. I mean no one. He knows everything. Every details of our daily living.

He is a merciful God who is ever generous.

I am looking forward to my bonus. One day. Some day.

Thanks be to the awesome God!








2 thoughts on “No Reason To Be Sad

  1. etivacenyo

    yep. I see familiar faces joining races every week which i find weird, maybe they really have the budget for it or not conscious about saving at all. Now even my favorite ultra this coming august costs exactly like my monthly cellphone bill. haaaay… but then again the road is free, not that we are complaining thats why we are always thankful to God ๐Ÿ™‚

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