Zero to 56


I left home to be early. July 20, 2013.

By 11:31pm, I am already at KM 0 Marker.

Shot by Rod Runner
Shot by Rod Runner. Phone ni Ronnel Go.

Order of arrival:

  1. Me
  2. Jon Borbon
  3. Ronald Robles
  4. Ronnel Go
  5. Christian Oting
  6. Marjun
  7. Rod Runner
  8. Aleth Reblora

By 00:15:00 am, we started walking.

It was a good fast walk already. Then we jogged.

Boring Route. Cold Night. Lots of Dogs. Quiet Moment.

@KM 30, we stopped for lugaw. It was already a cool morning. We saw other runners too.

My record shows:(moving time)

@00:15 42.05Kms in 6:24:45 until 8:00am.

@08:00 14:61Kms in 2:32:40

Time @ Last 12 Kms is 8:54am.

Time @ Last 11 Kms is 9:03am.

Time @ Last 6 Kms is 10:31am.

By Ronnel Go.
By Ronnel Go.

Time @ Finish Line KM 56 is a few more minutes before 11:00am.

A few meters to finishing the run, while on walk, my shoes gave out.


I had to run since it’s harder to walk. It was a fast one to the finish with Ronnel Go on the lead, me and Christian and Jon behind. Ronald was already at Jollibee Tagaytay when we arrived. He took a ride at KM 50 after enduring a painful cramps.

check out the heel
check out the heel. taken @ Jollibee Tagaytay via Android Zoom Camera

Near quarter to 12 noon, Rod, Aleth and Marjun came. 🙂 Rod took a nap (he said so) before proceeding to finish.

@KM 56 Marker
@KM 56 Marker. Photo Credit to Ronnel Go.


Recovery Drink agad!
Recovery Drink agad!

We took a jeepney to Mahogany Market for the well-deserved lunch. The place is surprisingly packed with people. We have the same food in mind at this time. Bulalo and Tawilis. LOLS

Masarap na Bulalo
Masarap na Bulalo
BAON ko.
BAON ko.
upon arrival
upon arrival

Total Expenses for this run-walk-food trip (broken down as follows) : P 902.75

  • Jeep fare to MH Del Pilar from Home: P 8.00
  • Bag load: P 247.75
  • 1st stop = Gatorade Lime @ 7-11 for P 37.00
  • 2nd stop = Powerade Ion + Smidgets @ 7-11 for P 30.00 and P 16.00
  • 3rd stop = 330 ml water @ Mini-Stop for P 10.00
  • 4th stop = 500 ml water @ 7-11 for P 16.00
  • 5th stop = @KM 30. 2 x 8oz Pop Cola + Lugaw for P 20.00 and P 10.00
  • 6th stop = @KM 42. RC Cola + Pandesal for P 7.00 and P 20.00
  • 7th stop = @KM 50. 8oz Rootbeer and Water for P 9.00 and P 9.00
  • Post-run meal: Rice, Bulalo and Crunchy Tawilis for P 160.00
  • Pasalubong: Pineapple and Peanut Sweets for P 100.00 and P 100.00
  • Bus fare from Mahogany to Pedro Gil: P 95.00
  • Jeep fare from Pedro Gil to Home: P 8.00

All thanks and praise to God Almighty!


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