My Reason

Simple and true.

It’s the answer to the many WHY.

It’s the HOME whenever I feel lost.

It’s the motivation behind.

Firstly, let me state again.

I have a beautiful wife.

I also have 3 kids. 2 teenagers aged 14 and 13 and 1 bright kid aged 8.

I alone provide for all of us.

I am a regular government employee.

It would have been different if I am an executive – but I am not. 🙂

Well, regardless of our status in life, we have dreams.

I want my own house and lot too. My own car. My kids to finish their studies – and get a title – not just a degree.

I want a lot of things too. I am realistic though. What I cannot have, I pray for.

I rely on God’s grace.

Everything is His’ by the way.

So, for me to realize everything – the dream – I have to be there. By that, I mean, I will have to stay healthy and alive and strong and well.

For me to walk along with them as they grow up, I need to have the energy. I need to really stay healthy.

This is where it gets tricky. How does one stay healthy? How do I stay healthy?

I know.


I choose what I eat.

I choose my activity.

I choose what makes me angry.

I choose when I sleep and when I woke up.


I execute my choices.

I choose pork over chicken – but on top of both is beef.

I choose ultrarunning over 5K.

I choose to ignore bickerings ..etc, etc, etc.

I choose 9:00pm and 6:30am.


I serve the Lord.

For everything may be found in Him.

All and everything I seek..

All and everything I want…

..for He has provided for all my needs.



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