Running Pagsanjan to Majayjay, Laguna

This is a charity race event.


Gunstart is 4:30am. No cut-off! You can actually run forever. πŸ™‚

As for me, I will run this at my moderate speed (if you can even call it that LOLS).

I will just maintain a good easy one and a fast walk. My strategy will greatly depend on the aid stations. I will be carrying only a light pack – from bus to finish and back to bus back toΒ  Manila.

Picture this:

Salamat in Advance!
Salamat in Advance!

via Google Maps, the route would be somehow close to this:

This map is best viewed on Terrain MODe. You will see the elevation details when zoomed in full.

The first 10K would include the first ascent (up to 300m ++) of the route to Caliraya. (If my map is right). Run walk in a route like this and your first 10K might take a close 2 hours (conservatively having fun while enjoying the view / scenery)

I have no idea what may be found in the aid station. All I know is that I will surely need and use them. 10K at a very easy jog pace with walk will not make me thirst that much. I might drink, yes. πŸ™‚

Next aid station is 8 kilometers away. I will pass another aid station before approaching Cavinti. It’s another long ascent and descent. I might need to re-load until the next aid station which is 6 kilometers away.

3rd aid station is ARC. I hope they have GUs and the likes. πŸ™‚ A nice re-load prep for the next 7 kms where the 4th aid station will be. I’m not sure I have met them Knight Hawks. Definitely, I will be giving a lot of thanks to them.

The entire route is a rolling hills. There are small climbs, there are huge ascents too.

I guess I’d look forward to the last aid station before I gave my all (parang tatakbo talaga eh) to this run. It’s the last supply of the day and just 6kms away from the station. All I have to remember here is to take out my own cup. LOLS πŸ˜›

This will be fun. πŸ™‚ I am actually excited.

God bless the ultrarunners.

Facing your own Wall


Another Ultra cheater.

Only this time, the culprit admitted it.

The case of the previous reports have gone lost in the books of history.

We all wonder why.

We all ask about it.

Curses flew. Judgements fly. Opinions scattered everywhere.

Annoying. Very annoying.

Looking closely – we might just be able to squeeze some understanding.

As an ultrarunner, we have a checklist of things:


Let’s see.

On training – we need to train with specificity. If it’s a long run, then we run long. As simple as that. If the race we are joining is a humid place, and the weather we expect is sunny or rainy – we train under these conditions too. If we expect to finish just within the cut-off, it’s important to keep the minimum pace for that cut-off. Yes, rest already included. If you are a new runner or an ultrarunner aspirant, you need to be aware of such things. Small things that matters most. You cannot waste a lot of time staying in one place. You need to keep moving forward. You need to have the right gear for the race. The right ones will never let you down – nor give you any problems. Your legs will never abandon you if you prepared well. Your feet will be able to bear the pounding if it’s trained to bear.

On logistics – we need to have an idea first on how we intend to run the race. Then, we plan our hydration and refuelling. Without this – chances of quitting will be high. The temptation to DNF will be there – and character-wise – an invitation to cheat (for those who have it in mind). A newbie is supposed to know when to drink and eat during the long run. Practice comes into picture here. What can you expect from someone with very little experience? They do need guidance – but it’s not a license to cheat. When you know what to do, and you have a clear plan of your race – you are in a good chance of finishing well. If you are someone who employs a support vehicle – thank God. You have almost nothing to worry about…which takes us to the next checklist.

On mind-setting – this is something that cannot be taught to anyone. Character plays a big part here. But as an ultrarunner, newbie or not – you’re supposed to think:

  • that you can finish this race
  • that you are prepared
  • that you will finish no matter what (regardless of the weather condition, regardless of whatever pain may come <minor injuries>, regardless of what the rest of the runners you see are doing <you may just be a witness to a cheater>)
  • that you will run or walk at your best until you reach the finish line

All of the above comes from a runner’s accumulated experience on racing and training. If you lack experience, then it’s wise to ask those who have the most. If you are not confident – then draw confidence from others. If you feel weak – then draw strength from above.

There’s no shame in DNF. I DNF’d too. Everybody does – when it’s called for. When torn between continuing and suffering more –Β  doubting everything –Β  until the finish line >> DNF. You can redeem your own race next time. But when you commit a drastic decision of cheating – when you have the choice not to – you put yourself in doom. Ultrarunning is never that easy. It’s supposed to be hard. It only becomes easier because you prepared. Because you have some support from people who believe in you. Face your own wall. Others cannot do it for you. If you cannot do that – I guess there’s no room for you in the official result of any ultra event.

My two cents.

Naic to Ternate Fun in the Sun

As usual,

I didn’t sleep the night before the run. I was watching Dvd movies with my kids. By the time my alarm cried, it’s already time to gear up and move.

Like always, I am early.

I left home at 00:38 of August 25, 2013.

By 1:14 I am already at Heritage Tulay. It’s also raining heavy. Good thing I wore the Nike Water Repel.

@1:41 I boarded the jeep to Sm Bacoor. The jeepney left Heritage Tulay @1:53. By 2:09 I am already in Sm Bacoor.

@2:33Β I took a mini bus to Naic. After eating an Angel’s Cheeseburger.

I have no idea how long the trip will be. All I know is that I will get off at 7-11 Munting Mapino. πŸ™‚

I arrived there at 1 minutes before 4:00.

We then proceeded to Jeff Poblete’s humble abode. God, bless him and his family. They welcomed us at this wee hour of the morning.

After a few hours waiting for the late comers, we started some photoops. Then the run.

We maintained an easy fast pace. I tried … I was struggling at first. Maybe because I am hungry. I really rather stop and eat. πŸ˜› Yes, I do!

It was a beautiful day for running. The weather is so nice. The route is quite. The run is a bit fast. By the time we prepped for the ascents, I was really having a good time. I thanked and praise God for the weather and the strength. The view is so majestic up there and the air is so fresh. Of course, none compared to the beauty of His holyness.

Soon, I will be living in Cavite too. With my whole family.

We tried to visit the Tunnel to Nasugbu. The road is steep and too long! LOLS.

We decided to cut it short and proceed to The Marine Base. It was my first time to run in this route beyond KM 65 of Mount Palay Palay. Little did I know that the end is just at KM 70. I was really enjoying the free-falling run down the descending road.

Next time, it will be a harder route.

Glad to have this Team for company. Honored to be among them now.

To those who missed this run, rest assured that there’s always next time.

Special thanks to Jeff Poblete and his family for the sumptuos meal. To the rest of the guys who contributed, God bless you all. Never had so much gusto on a lunch after a run. πŸ™‚

All thanks and praise to the only God, our Saviour, thru Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

PHOTO IMAGES Randomly Posted

994903_10201189929204838_1142517425_n 999769_10201189941845154_1737788716_n 1000936_481829778579887_821685886_n 1146655_481829765246555_948547370_n 1173731_10201189929084835_639799107_n 1185292_481829695246562_1204171254_n 1233418_10151585223481806_1218560886_n 1234507_10201189943205188_1795115635_n 1235476_10201189945365242_2058570101_n 1236389_10201189942525171_1929062206_n 1236759_10201189945805253_752173254_n 1239857_10201189929284840_830860039_n



CASHtos = P 374.65

Cost of an Angel’s Cheeseburger: P 34.00


  • Jeep from house to Malate: P 8.00
  • Jeep Malate to Heritage Tulay: P 12.00
  • Jeep Heritage Tulay to SM Bacoor: P 20.00
  • Bus SM Bacoor to Naic: P 45.00
  • Tricycle to Ternate Terminal: P 100.00
  • Bus to Naic: P 15.00
  • Bus SM Bacoor to Salitran: P 15.00

Supplies for this run:

  • Selecta Moo 245 ml P 18.95
  • Cobra Smart 350 ml P 17.45
  • Powerarde Orange Burst 500 ml P 18.65
  • Fudgee Bar Choco P 5.25 x 3
  • Peanut’s Trail Mix P 15.00
  • Ovaltine 3-in-1 Sachet P 5.25
  • Pharmaton Capsule P 26.00
  • 1.5L Royal True (ows?) Orange for the Lunch P 42.60

Water from home:

  • 500 ml, 275ml, 350 ml, 425 ml (different sizes to fit my small hydration bag)


  • Saging na Saba from JC
  • Strawberry Banana GU from JC
  • Saging na Saba from DaBull

WEEK 25 = 5

Race Week

of the Pagsanjan to Majayjay 50-km Ultramarathon.

I will be coming in this event on self-support, since they already have an aid station at every 10 kms. I will also be carrying the lightest of my pack. Max of only 4 kgs, if ever. Already included is my clothes for changing after the race, my slippers, and some important cleaning things.


I don’t have the exact elevation profile of the route but it’s somewhat the same as the Laguna to Quezon 50K ultra. I will employ the same strategy – only lighter this time.


is a 4.98Km run in 00:36:02. I had to stop after seeing the boys in Luneta. Sir Jovie Narcise, Totoy Santos, Benedict Meneses, and some others we’re present. Vener Roldan, Jon Las Bruce came too.

530464_10201320464227279_840744430_n 994571_10201320469707416_1044945410_n 1209039_10201320473187503_58361493_n 1235951_10201320476187578_365162746_n 1240550_611400798880011_1000569807_n

Did a bit of exercises before lunch:

  • @11:31am 100 side twists in 00:02:08
  • @11:33am 100 knee ups in 00:02:14
  • @11:36am 100 side twists in 00:02:00
  • @11:39am 5 count plie squat holds in 00:01:00
  • @11:41am 15 count flamingo stretch in 00:02:05
  • @11:43am planks in 00:01:30
  • @11:46am 100 ups in 00:02:24
  • @11:48am 100 side twists in 00:01:59
  • @11:51am 10 count standing touch-toes in 00:01:40
  • @11:54am 50 standing free-hand flyes in 00:00:50
  • @11:56am 50 side bends in 00:01:21


1 cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee and a Peanut Butter Sandwich

1/2 rice + a bowl of Bulalo

@12:45pm a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Choco Latte and a Peanut Butter Sandwich

@3:30pm a plate of delicious carbonara with cheese.

@4:27pm – 245ml of Selecta Moo + 1 ENERCAPS multi + iron

NO RUN. πŸ˜›


1 cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee

@9:45am 2 capsules of Sodium Ascorbate

@10:20am 1/2 rice + kinilaw na puso ng saging + RC COLA.

@10:55am 2 capsules of Sodium Ascorbate

@5:18pm 2.86 kms run in 00:21:29

@5:41pm 0.81 km jog in 00:06:21

@7:08pm *** DENSITY Training *** in 00:04:58

  1. Squats 7 x 7
  2. Push-ups 5 x 7
  3. Vertical Leg Crunches 5 x 7

@7:14pm 120 ups in 00:02:00

@7:16pm 100 side twists in 00:01:57

@7:19pm 20 side bends in 00:00:39


@8:15am a cup of Nescafe Cappuccino + Butter Cream Crackers

@9:50am 1/2 rice + 1/2 dinuguan

@10:58am Butter Cream Crackers

@1:20pm a plate of spaghetti. Took our 2 slices of Banana Cake and a pice of this soft and chewy Ensaymada.

@1:45pm a cup of Nescafe Cappuccino

@4:34pm a capsule of Pharmaton

@5:18pm a 3.06Kms run in 00:25:40


A cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffe + 3 layers of Peanut Butter Sandwich

@11:35am 2 layer peanut butter sandwich

@12:20pm plate of pansit + puto and Moringa Pandan Juice

@2:22pm a cup of Nescafe 3-in-1 Cappuccino + 50 grams of Hot Chili Nacho Corn Chips

@3:25pm a 300ml bottle of Vitamilk ChocoMilk Shake

@3:29pm 2 capsules of SoVit-Cee 568.18 mg

WEEK 24 = 4

Monday to Wednesday =

Rainy and Stormy and Flooded Streets. Holiday! Work suspended. Class suspended.

NO RUN! πŸ˜›

Wednesday Night Exercises: @8:42pm to 9:12pm

  • 100 side twists in 00:02:18
  • 100 ups in 00:02:00
  • 100 side twists in 00:01:53
  • 100 ups in 00:01:39
  • 30 biceps curls in 00:01:03
  • 100 ups in 00:01:50
  • 100 knee-ups in 00:02:03
  • 100 side twists in 00:01:58
  • 40 hammer curls in 00:01:26
  • 100 ups in 00:01:42
  • 68 standing free-hand flyes in 00:01:00
  • 100 side twists in 00:01:35
  • 56 standing free-hand flyes in 00:00:40
  • 31 hammer curls in 00:01:00
  • 27 side bends in 00:01:00

Thursday, the 22nd of August is also the first day of work for this week.

@3:00pm – 320 ml of water

@4:06pm – 350ml of Cobra SMART

@5:24pm – 7.01 kms run with 1 km of Tabata in 00:58:27

JUNK miles with 1 Km of Quality Run. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

Sunday, the 25th of August.

weekend long run
weekend long run

Naic to Ternate, Cavite long run with Team Cavite ESE

Try This

Did you know?

That your 10K time could predict your finish times on other distances?

Given a consistent, proper training, check out the following:

  • 61 minutes = 4 hours 41 minutes MARATHON. 2 hours 17 minutes Half-Marathon.
  • 59 to 60 minutes = 4 hours 34 minutes MARATHON. 2 hours 13 minutes Half-Marathon.
  • 58 minutes = 4 hours 28 minutes MARATHON. 2 hours 10 minutes Half-Marathon.
  • 57 minutes = 4 hours 22 minutes MARATHON. 2 hours 7 minutes Half-Marathon.
  • 55 to 56 minutes = 4 hours 16 minutes MARATHON. 2 hours 4 minutes Half-Marathon.

A lot of people may not agree. This may just sound unbelievable. Why? Because running involves a lot of factors, when it comes to predicting a finish time. Indicators are there. We just have to know how to translate.

You need to know how much mileage to log per week.

You need to know how fast to run per session.

You need to know what to runΒ  – per session.


Lest it be given freely, we will never know. Such information is available only for a price. πŸ˜›



that is!

To run long, you need to train long.

To run fast, you need to train fast.

To endure a trail, you must train on trails.

To endure a multi-day race, you need to train consecutive multiples of day.

Simply put, it’s really just that. What is more complicated is the details on the HOW.

Either you search the net on your own or you get someone to teach you.

Either you do something free, or pay.

Everything is always about the choice we make.


It’s also that simple.

Building Up

2 Tempo and Long Intervals per week.

1 every two weeks of Hills, Repetitions, Sprints and Strides.

Run one or two easy miles before and after each workout to warm up and cool down.

1. TEMPO RUN: 25 to 30 minutes at 20 seconds slower than 10K pace
2. LONG INTERVALS: 4 x mile at 5K race pace with 3 to 4 minutes active recovery
3. HILL REPEATS: 2 sets of 6 to 8 x 150-meter hill repeats. Sprint up, walk down.
4. SPEED REPETITIONS: 8 x 400 meters at mile race pace with 2 minutes active recovery
5. SPRINTS: 8 x 200 meters at 800-meter race pace with 200-meter slow jog recovery
6. STRIDES: 10 to 12 x 100-meter strides. Stride the straightaway, jog the turn.

πŸ™‚ Lots of hard stuff here.

Here’s a preview of the 1st Month of MY TRAINING to start September 1, 2013:

Week 1

  • tempo / long intervals / long runs / hills

Week 2

  • tempo / long intervals / long runs

Week 3

  • tempo / long intervals / repetition / hills

Week 4

  • tempo / long intervals / long runs

God bless us all.

WEEK 23 = 3

Another try. Tabata and Billats. πŸ™‚

Where K = Kilometers

August 12, 2013

JUNK Miles to start with. Rainy run with my Lunar Glide H2O Repel – (who cannot repel the rain!) πŸ™‚

@5:07pm a jog down 9th from 28th floor in 00:03:26. After stopping the time, I continued to the Ground.

@5:21pm 3.25K in 00:25:47

@5:47pm 2.54K in 00:25:23

Β +++ *** +++

@5:10pmΒ  a run down 28th Floor to 9th Floor in 00:3:22

@5:23pmΒ  100 ups in 00:01:23 after a bottle of Cobra 240ml

@5:27pm a fast 2000m warmup in 00:11:52. Splits: 6:05 / 5:47

@5:43pm 50 ups and 50 knee-ups in 00:01:25

@5:44pm flamingo stretch in 00:02:17

@5:48pm a 2000m fartlek with recovery jogs in 00:12:48. Splits: 6:51 / 5:57

@6:01pm a 5000m jog with 1000m walk in 00:41:50. Splits: 8:34 / 11:08 / 7:32 / 7:33 / 6:56

@6:47pm a 1200m jog with walks in 00:09:52


August 17, 2013

@5:27am a5-Kms run walk in 00:44:55 inclusive of a 1Km walk, jogs and a 3.3 kms boring loops at the CCP Ramp.

SPLITS: 10:50 / 8:04 / 7:40 / 9:12 / 8:57

@6:13am a 5-Kms run walk in 00:43:13 inclusive of a 1Km walk, 2Kms Billat’s 30/30, 2Kms run-jog.

SPLITS: 12:24 / 9:48 / 7:11 / 6:14 / 7:07



August 18 is all rain. NO run! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›