Dear Cleopatra

Just because…

finally you have decided to join BDM 160K, here’s an online guide for you.

You’re supposed to be starting from scratch for purposes of this training. You will also be keeping in mind your BDM 102 experience – since it’s the longest you’ve done and you have no idea how it is beyond that.

By the way, congratulations on your decision. That’s the real first step in this journey.

  1. decide
  2. pay
  3. train
  4. race

Moving forward.

Your training should start at the earliest time possible. You need to commit to the training. You need to be very consistent – and make running as frequent and as regular as possible. Yes, that means regardless of your lifestyle, life situation, work schedule, sleeping habit and any other excuses you have. 🙂 😛

Here’s some important keys first.

  • Time on your feet is important. More important than the distance you have covered (as of this period of training) subject to the max pace limit of the event.
  • Stick to a run with minimal walk during this period. We shall have a separate session for run-walk.
  • Fully account your gear (more specifically your shoes) and hydration intake during this period. You shall report the same to yours truly. That is, if you are using more than one (1) shoes
  • Run at your convenient time. We shall have a separate session for midnight, and heat training.

I suggest you start this training on September 1, 2013. That is more than enough preparation – provided you train consistently.

To be continued...

UPDATED 09/04/2014

Time to check on your weekly mileage. Higher is not necessarily what it should be. What it should be is QUALITY.
  • LONG RUN focused not on the distance covered (since this is not the race, but limited by a max pace) but on the time.
  • TEMPO RUN based on the target pace
  • LONG INTERVALS based on a strict time of target pace

Other workouts should include those relevant only to running.


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