Try This

Did you know?

That your 10K time could predict your finish times on other distances?

Given a consistent, proper training, check out the following:

  • 61 minutes = 4 hours 41 minutes MARATHON. 2 hours 17 minutes Half-Marathon.
  • 59 to 60 minutes = 4 hours 34 minutes MARATHON. 2 hours 13 minutes Half-Marathon.
  • 58 minutes = 4 hours 28 minutes MARATHON. 2 hours 10 minutes Half-Marathon.
  • 57 minutes = 4 hours 22 minutes MARATHON. 2 hours 7 minutes Half-Marathon.
  • 55 to 56 minutes = 4 hours 16 minutes MARATHON. 2 hours 4 minutes Half-Marathon.

A lot of people may not agree. This may just sound unbelievable. Why? Because running involves a lot of factors, when it comes to predicting a finish time. Indicators are there. We just have to know how to translate.

You need to know how much mileage to log per week.

You need to know how fast to run per session.

You need to know what to run  – per session.


Lest it be given freely, we will never know. Such information is available only for a price. 😛

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