Naic to Ternate Fun in the Sun

As usual,

I didn’t sleep the night before the run. I was watching Dvd movies with my kids. By the time my alarm cried, it’s already time to gear up and move.

Like always, I am early.

I left home at 00:38 of August 25, 2013.

By 1:14 I am already at Heritage Tulay. It’s also raining heavy. Good thing I wore the Nike Water Repel.

@1:41 I boarded the jeep to Sm Bacoor. The jeepney left Heritage Tulay @1:53. By 2:09 I am already in Sm Bacoor.

@2:33 I took a mini bus to Naic. After eating an Angel’s Cheeseburger.

I have no idea how long the trip will be. All I know is that I will get off at 7-11 Munting Mapino. 🙂

I arrived there at 1 minutes before 4:00.

We then proceeded to Jeff Poblete’s humble abode. God, bless him and his family. They welcomed us at this wee hour of the morning.

After a few hours waiting for the late comers, we started some photoops. Then the run.

We maintained an easy fast pace. I tried … I was struggling at first. Maybe because I am hungry. I really rather stop and eat. 😛 Yes, I do!

It was a beautiful day for running. The weather is so nice. The route is quite. The run is a bit fast. By the time we prepped for the ascents, I was really having a good time. I thanked and praise God for the weather and the strength. The view is so majestic up there and the air is so fresh. Of course, none compared to the beauty of His holyness.

Soon, I will be living in Cavite too. With my whole family.

We tried to visit the Tunnel to Nasugbu. The road is steep and too long! LOLS.

We decided to cut it short and proceed to The Marine Base. It was my first time to run in this route beyond KM 65 of Mount Palay Palay. Little did I know that the end is just at KM 70. I was really enjoying the free-falling run down the descending road.

Next time, it will be a harder route.

Glad to have this Team for company. Honored to be among them now.

To those who missed this run, rest assured that there’s always next time.

Special thanks to Jeff Poblete and his family for the sumptuos meal. To the rest of the guys who contributed, God bless you all. Never had so much gusto on a lunch after a run. 🙂

All thanks and praise to the only God, our Saviour, thru Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

PHOTO IMAGES Randomly Posted

994903_10201189929204838_1142517425_n 999769_10201189941845154_1737788716_n 1000936_481829778579887_821685886_n 1146655_481829765246555_948547370_n 1173731_10201189929084835_639799107_n 1185292_481829695246562_1204171254_n 1233418_10151585223481806_1218560886_n 1234507_10201189943205188_1795115635_n 1235476_10201189945365242_2058570101_n 1236389_10201189942525171_1929062206_n 1236759_10201189945805253_752173254_n 1239857_10201189929284840_830860039_n



CASHtos = P 374.65

Cost of an Angel’s Cheeseburger: P 34.00


  • Jeep from house to Malate: P 8.00
  • Jeep Malate to Heritage Tulay: P 12.00
  • Jeep Heritage Tulay to SM Bacoor: P 20.00
  • Bus SM Bacoor to Naic: P 45.00
  • Tricycle to Ternate Terminal: P 100.00
  • Bus to Naic: P 15.00
  • Bus SM Bacoor to Salitran: P 15.00

Supplies for this run:

  • Selecta Moo 245 ml P 18.95
  • Cobra Smart 350 ml P 17.45
  • Powerarde Orange Burst 500 ml P 18.65
  • Fudgee Bar Choco P 5.25 x 3
  • Peanut’s Trail Mix P 15.00
  • Ovaltine 3-in-1 Sachet P 5.25
  • Pharmaton Capsule P 26.00
  • 1.5L Royal True (ows?) Orange for the Lunch P 42.60

Water from home:

  • 500 ml, 275ml, 350 ml, 425 ml (different sizes to fit my small hydration bag)


  • Saging na Saba from JC
  • Strawberry Banana GU from JC
  • Saging na Saba from DaBull

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