The Drive

I, for one, do not wish to lose it.

Sad to know that a friend lost his.

It’s the force that will take you to places, experiences, and adventure.

Without it – nothing’s the same.

The drive to RUN.

Regardless where or when, having the drive is also the stepping stone to a lot of better things. But then, the drive may also be dependent on reality of a goal. 🙂

I for one, aim to be, and to stay in good shape, and good health. It’s enough for me to keep running. Mere crossfit is not enough for me. I will always crave to run. Distance wouldn’t matter that much. A good run, even a 3K, is enough for me. It’s good enough to fuel my craving to run again.

wanna? :)
wanna? 🙂
Hit the Trails! (CHITO CARREON in Cavinti by Vener Roldan)
Hit the Trails! (CHITO CARREON in Cavinti by Vener Roldan)

Running fast is a totally different matter. FAST is relative. 6 minutes per kilometer is already fast to me. To some, it’s too slow! LOLS 😛

Running slow is also relative.

It depends on many things.

Finishing an ultra near the cut-off is already slow to some. To a chosen few, it can even be very slow. 😛

You see, if you will just keep a thankful heart – to the Almighty God for His gifts, you just might be able to keep your drive.

To be able to run daily, to be able to finish something long, to be able to run without any injury – all enough good reason to thank God.

Being grateful is the right attitude to have. God delights in a thankful heart. He showers us with grace, by His mercy, when we continue to thank Him.

Thank God for the drive you have.

It’s the reason you are healthy!

So, what drives you to run today? message me!

Week 4 for 250

Monday and Tuesday
Coughs, Colds, Fever, Sore Throat
Sore Tendons too.
Coffee Counter:
1 @ 8:30am over a Rebisco Crackers
1 @1:38pm over Banana Cake
Bread Counter: 2 Pandesal, 2 Banana Cake
@10:34am 1 Pandesal
@11:05am 1 Pandesal
@1:38pm 1 slice Banana Cake
@3:36pm a slice of Shakey's Pepperoni Pizza...after a Slice of Manager's Choice! LOLS :) :P + a cup of Coke Zero
Merienda Counter: 1 @2:58pm a serving pansit and peachy-peachy + a cup of Coke!
No RUN. No Exercise. :)
Coffee Counter:
1 @ 6:53am Nescafe 3-in-1
1 @ 10:22am Nescafe 3-in-1
1 @ 12:29pm MILO R2
Rice Counter: 1 rice over Pork Steak
Bread Counter: Monggo Bread
Vitamin Counter:
1 @12:51pm NASAFER + 2 Capsules Sodium Ascorbate
@3:02pm 2 Capsules of Sodium Ascorbate
Coffee Counter: 1 @ 9:11am Nescafe 3-in-1
1 @ 1:50pm Nescafe 3-in-1
@11:00am 2 Sachets of Salabat
1 @ 4:20pm MILO R2
Vitamin Counter: 2 capsules of Sodium Ascorbate @ 11:13am
2 capsules of Sodium Ascorbate @ 2:18pm

FRIDAY - RUN AFTERWORK : 10.0 kms in 1:18:40
SATURDAY - NIGHT RUN BEFORE DINNER : 10.03 kms in 1:06:38
SUNDAY - NIGHT RUN BEFORE DINNER : 6.11 kms in 00:38:25

My CM42 Story

I wrote a reminder to myself before this big event.

Reminder to myself. :) With full stress on the Mandatory Gears.

Trash Bag should be included
Head Lamps not mentioned but I think I will need one.
Water Cup
Handheld Bottle I think is not a good option in case of a strong rain (I will be holding a walking stick!)
Poncho for me (to protect my back from extreme cold)
Visor to cover my eyeglass
2 liters of fluid (my choice of : Mogu-Mogu, Chuckie, Moo, & Water)
Extra Joss Sachets, MILO R2 Sachets
Gum Candies

I failed to bring something important due to time constraints. It’s something I will pay for later too.

Around 8pm of Saturday night, the 21st of September, I was in bed with a fever and colds. The run is in my mind – but I was ready to DNS if ever. BY 10:30pm, after taking medicines and resting, I was able to get up and pack my things. I knew I can do it. I believe I can. I do have high hopes that my shoe will be up to the challenge.

It was an instant healing after my wife prayed for me.

By near 12 midnight, my daughter send me to the gate and I hailed a jeepney to Guadalupe.

Andro Garcia was already in Jollibee too when I get there. A few minutes later, Mike Lafuente arrived. Thanks to him. We have a ride to Porac on this rainy night.

We stop-by McDonald’s Lakeshore for a short snack. Benj and Damien already there too.

I knew I will need a Trekking Pole given the weather. I did bought one for myself from Benj. (and it turned-out to be the wisest decision of the weekend!)

with Andro, Damien, & Benj + Lory
with Andro, Damien, & Benj + Lory

The rain poured heavy and continued even as we start the race.

@5:27am, the race started. I finished at 3:35pm. A  good 10 hour 7 minutes 45 seconds. See the segment of my run/walk/rest, as follows:

  1. 5K in 00:50:21. Idle time of 00:02:25. Average Speed is 6.0 kph. Max Speed is 10.7 kph. Max Elevation is 519 meters. Elevation Gain = 483 meters.
  2. 5K in 01:01:46. Idle time of 00:06:22. Average Speed is 4.9 kph. Max Speed is 11.5 kph. Max Elevation is 862 meters. Elevation Gain = 475 meters.
  3. 5K in 01:13:49. Idle time of 00:16:01. Average Speed is 4.1 kph. Max Speed is 9.1 kph. Max Elevation is 1142 meters. Elevation Gain = 612 meters.
  4. 5K in 01:14:33. Idle time of 00:16:59. Average Speed is 4.0 kph. Max Speed is 8.3 kph. Max Elevation is 1244 meters. Elevation Gain = 400 meters.
  5. 5K in 01:32:48. Idle time of 00:26:26. Average Speed is 3.2 kph. Max Speed is 6.8 kph. Max Elevation is 1185 meters. Elevation Gain = 326 meters.
  6. 5K in 02:03:15. Idle time of 00:54:27. Average Speed is 2.4 kph. Max Speed is 6.6 kph. Max Elevation is 1083 meters. Elevation Gain = 488 meters.
  7. 5K in 00:58:51. Idle time of 00:07:32. Average Speed is 5.1 kph. Max Speed is 9.2 kph. Max Elevation is 928 meters. Elevation Gain = 202 meters.
  8. 5K in 01:06:34. Idle time of 00:13:16. Average Speed is 4.5 kph. Max Speed is 8.4kph. Max Elevation is 583 meters. Elevation Gain = 206 meters.


Idle time is my breather time – stops and rests to take a deep breath and recover. The longest one is due to the phone that fell somewhere. I had to backtrack and find it, then proceed. Thank God it’s safe and covered in plastic when it fell.

Average Speed fell terribly in the clay-part of the route where a lot have fallen due to sliding. I did slide but not once did I fall.

At the peak turn-around where it is most cold, I started to chill. (This I think is the reason why my cough and colds returned the night after the race when I get home)

Good thing, Aldean have a ready coffee. Hot, to boast!

After a few chat and photo ops, we head back…down to the falls. As recorded too, I wasted a lot of time. I did find it hard to run down the clay mud. It’s too slippery and I can’t afford to fall down. So I walked and moved slowly and cautiously.

By the time I reached AS3, I run down…all the way down to the falls. Yes, for a ribbon. Then walked as fast as I could up. With frequent stops to breathe.

At AS3, I knew I could beat the time. I have 4 hours till cut-off and I am sure that I could run all the way down – except for the clay-muddy parts again.

Same distance from the Start, I clocked at AS3 in 1 hour 51 minutes. Now I am going back to Finish from the same point.

I was running at a good pace. I do not intend to take so much rest nor slow down – but then the muddy part really does it again. 🙂 Thanks to the Trekking Pole.

I have to mention. The only aid station I was able to get water from the Peak is AS3. Thanks to CJ Paran and Juvy Pagtalunan! (Bored-mates on duty!)

At the last 6K aid station, I was interviewed…I was also given a Mountain Dew by Jerome Jamili. Thanks to Jing, Mama-o and Sheryl, and Jayson too!

At the last 3K aid station, I took time to eat adobong liempo and rice. I have time, and I know it. The result may not show it, but I did have a good run. Idle time is not that too much. This is a hardcore route. It’s harder than any average trails I have been to. All thanks to Otek and Ok Ok Runners.

Finally, after crossing the tunnel, I ran at a good pace to finish.

a few meters to finish
a few meters to finish

Official Result is out. As recorded, I clocked at 10 hours 7 minutes at the finish line. 🙂

Target Acquired
Target Acquired. Elevation Gain = 3,250 meters. Max Elevation = 1,244 meters.

All thanks and praise to God Almighty!

Pahabol: THIS IS MY 1st MARATHON for the year since December 4, 2011.

Important Reminders for CM42

From :

Reminder to myself. 🙂 With full stress on the Mandatory Gears.

  • Trash Bag should be included
  • Head Lamps not mentioned but I think I will need one.
  • Water Cup
  • Handheld Bottle I think is not a good option in case of a strong rain (I will be holding a walking stick!)
  • Poncho for me (to protect my back from extreme cold)
  • Visor to cover my eyeglass
  • 2 liters of fluid (my choice of : Mogu-Mogu, Chuckie, Moo, & Water)
  • Extra Joss Sachets, MILO R2 Sachets
  • Gum Candies

Hoping and praying that my veteran shoes will hold until the finish line. It’s the only one I could trust in this terrain.

Rain or shine, it’ll be a battle of the toughest leg. But if it shines only – solar powered guys will surely be smiling.

Course Description

42 kilometers and 22 kilometers
Elevation gain/loss: 2,500 meters for 42K
This is part of the CM50 race series aimed at providing a glimpse of and qualifying races for those intending to join the tougher and longer CM50. The route covers the hilly route of CM50 passing through the iconic Miyamit Falls where the 22k runners will make a turnaround while the 42k runners will have to continue and proceed close to the “peak” (3kms near the caldera of Mt. Pinatubo) before heading back to the Start/Finish line.


Start/Finish line will now be on the AyalaLand development site in Porac, Pampanga, the venue of

Course Condition

Mostly fire trails, dirt road and single tracks.

Time: 4:30am to 4:30pm for 42K
4:30am to 3:30pm for 22K (NOTE:
Additional 1 hour now due to added kilometers.

Time barrier:12 hours for 42K

11 hours for 22k

Assembly Time:   3am, 22 September 2013
Pre-race Briefing: 4am, 22 September 2013

Race packet distribution starts at 3AM or earlier, 22 September 2013 at the Start/Finish area. Other distribution site will be announced if needed.

Aid Stations and Cut-Off Times

Because of the remoteness and accessibility of the course, 3 aid stations will be strategically placed:
  • Aid Station 1 (AS1) is located at KM8 from the Start /Finish line. There is a small community of Aeta in this place.
  • Aid Station 2 (AS2) is at the junction going to the Falls and peak or KM11.
  • Aid Station 3 (AS3) is more or less KM18 or 4kms away from AS2. Due to remoteness of this station, fluid and food are limited.
IMPORTANT: Runners are strongly advised to carry at least 2 liters of fluid en route to the peak and back to AS2 since fuel and fluid at AS3 are limited.

Distances of aid stations are approximate

Drop Bags: Runners will have to deposit their drop bags on 22 September 2013 not later than 3:40AM at the Start Line. Drop bags are accessible at Aid Stations 2 (junction going to the Falls and peak). Drops bags must be made of sturdy material to withstand rough handling and transportation. Runners will have to mark their drop bags with their race number and name. Drop bags will have to be retrieved by the runners after race at the Finish Line not later than 5:30PM. Otherwise, they will be disposed of accordingly and the race organizer, staff, crew or volunteers will not incur liability therefor. Race organizer, his staff, crew and/or volunteers will not be responsible for damage of the drop bags or spoilage of their contents.


  • Falls – All 42K runners must pass through the Falls on their way back to Finish line from the Peak. Note: It should be AFTER the peak and not before. Cut off is 2pm for both 42K and 22K runners. ALL RUNNERS MAY BATHE IN THE POOL (Falls) IF RACE TIME BARRIER PERMITS (Translated: You will not get DNFed!).
  • Peak – All 42K runners must reach the peak not later than 1PM after which the crew/marshals will start to descend for race venue. Do not proceed if you cannot make it to the peak on time. Failure to make it on or before 12 noon is DNF.


Mandatory Gear

The following will be checked before distribution of race bib:
  • Fully-charged working mobile phone containing the number of the RD +639175660106. It is required that mobile phone is on at all times during the duration of the race.
  • Water carrier (bladder, hand-held bottles, etc.) of at least 500ml.
  • Water cup – Please be reminded that the aid stations will not provide water cups to protect the trail and you should not drink from the bottles! Crew will be advised not to serve any drinks unless water cups are presented by runners.

Trekking poles are allowed but optional. Runners may include trekking poles in their drop bags to be accessed in AS2. Highly recommended due to elevation profile and some slippery sections.

Getting There

Venue is at  Participants may get to Porac via the Clark International Airport in Clark, Luzon then hire an airport cab or board a jeepney to get to Angeles City to Porac Town and then at the race site. Other runners can get to the race venue by bus to Dau, Pampanga bus terminal and then jeepney to Angeles City then to Porac and finally race site. It is strongly recommended that runners car pool going to the race.

NOTE: Passage via SCTEX coming Manila or South is now available which is the fastest way to get to the race site. Take SCTEX Subic-bound then exit at Porac. Race site is on your right 300-400 meters from the toll gate. Just follow the end of the toll gate railings. There is a CM42 logo on the road to point you to the right direction.


For their convenience, a jeepney will be provided to ferry runners from Dau bus terminal in Pampanga to the Start and back. It will leave at exactly 3AM from Dau and will return after the awarding ceremony. FIRST COME/FIRST RIDE BASIS.


  • Littering is absolutely prohibited and is a valid ground for outright disqualification (DQ).
  • Runners should be mindful to stash their waste in a plastic bag which they should carry until the end of the race.
  • Runners must follow the race course as marked. No short cuts or cutting corners. Runners warned against this but continue to take short cuts or cut corners will be DQed.
  • Runners must sign the waiver and be able to present the mandatory gear before claiming the race packet.
  • Race packet distribution starts at 3AM or earlier on 22 September 2013. No race category and bib switching pre-race and during the race.
  • Pacers are not allowed.
  • Support vehicles and outside aid/help are only allowed at Aid Stations but NOT at any part of the course. They should take caution not to impede, block or disrupt the operation of the aid station or the ingress and egress of runners. Any form of help, individually and/or by any group/team outside of Aid Station is a valid ground for DQ. This will be strictly enforced.
  • As indicated above, there will be 3 aid stations strategically located along the course with fluids and food which are exclusive for runners.
  • Rain or shine, the race will proceed.
  • Runners and their crew, if any, must be always courteous to the local community especially the Aetas. Avoid unncessary contact or communication. Any documented report of discourtesy or unruly behavior will be a ground for DQ. Remember we are mere passersby in their great ancestral domain.

Why my Training is Hard

HARD = difficult to do 🙂

By that, I mean, I cannot even start. LOLS

Picture this:

I work Mondays to Fridays 8 am to 5 pm.

Work has 1 hour break.

Travel time to work is never the same. Depends on the traffic. Hence, I’d rather walk or run to work.

My kids finish schooling at 5:45pm to 6pm. They sometimes extend. So, waiting time is also never the same. This is also the window I use to insert a run. At least before they come out and I am at the school’s gate.

Travel time with the kids to home is also never the same. Again, normally abnormal traffic is really annoying. The government should do something about this. I think they need to deploy more traffic officers at the intersections of Quirino Highway and Pedro Gil, Paz and Pedro Gil, Main St and Pedro Gil, Onyx and Pedro Gil, and at the Paco Market Intersection where the Police Station is. Some people do lack discipline. Everybody wants to be able to cross first.

Sleep time is also not the same. 5 hours is the most.

I do some chores too. If I am not cooking, I wash the dishes. I wash some clothes too. If the kids needs some help on the assignment, then it takes a lot of time again.

Looking at my typical 24 hours, I have a 3-hour window for running. 🙂 It’s before I sleep and when everything else is done for. I think it’s best to insert at the time when all of them are sleeping. 🙂 Back to my old ways.


Weekends are an entirely different story. Wife doesn’t approve of long runs away from Manila. There’s also church service.

typical 24 hours
typical 24 hours

Now I need more push to insert and claim and use the window I have for training. It takes a lot of will – for the bed calls out loud too.

Looking forward to a better coming weeks.

I know I have no excuse. Preparation is key to a successful run.

All thanks and praise be to God!

CM42 race week


More than Just a FOREFOOT Runner

It’s the shorter bad-ass race next to the CM50 miles.

Anyone who is familiar to the route will agree that it’s not an easy one. Well, maybe to some really hardcore dude, this is just an easy run. But for me, (yeah, the likes of me) it is hard – yet doable.

I have done the 60K category of CM50, but I have not been to the peak. Attempts were made before but we ran out of time. We would just always lounge at the falls. While the elevation profile can make some people buckle, the majestic view above is beyond simple beautiful. It’s an awesome sight to behold!

On top of all that, it’s a quad-killer route. Yeah, some hamstrings died too. LOLS

Allow me to express some confusion here. The new route for this new event is the Explorac Trail Race Route. Add to it the Peak, the…

View original post 244 more words

Week 3 for 250


All activities recorded via ARIPUCA GPS TRACKER.


… is a rainy day.

Coffee Counter:
  1. 1 @11:08am Nescafe 3-in-1
  2. 1 @ 6:30am Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
  3. 1 @ 3:56pm Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
  4. 1 @8:34pm Nescafe 3-in-1 with Choco Sprinkle
Vitamin Counter: 1 MOLVITE @ 9:26pm
Rice Counter:
  • 1 rice over a Longganisa and Chicken Sotanghon
  • 1 rice over a crunchy lumpiang shang-hai @ Wendy's

#tabataeverything #dahilmaulan

  • @8:44pm, 6 minutes: 298 side twists
  • @8:50pm. 6 minutes: 246 knee-ups
  • @8:57pm, 6 minutes PLANKS
  • @9:05PM, 6 minutes: 242 standing cross-freehand flyes
  • @9:11pm, 2 minutes: 148 mountain climbers



NOTE: a very nasty CRAMPs in the CALF-MUSCLE @ around 6am in the morning. I was awakened to scream!

Coffee Counter:
1 @ 6:55am Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
1 @ 9:19am Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
1 @ 1:43pm Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
Rice Counter:
  1. 1 Rice over a pork dish.
  2. 2 Rice over Goldilock's Pork Barbecue and Batchoy
Vitamin Counter: 1 capsule of Moriamin @ 10:16am
Bread Counter:
  1. @6:40am double deck of Peanut Butter Sandwich
  2. @1:34pn - Giddy's Cheeseburger

Walked down from 28th Floor to 9th Floor.

@5:14pm 1.3K walk in 00:16:56


@6:58am 3.06km walk run in 26:02. 1K walk, 2K jog to work

Bread Counter:
3 decker Peanut Butter Sandwich
Spanish Bread
a slice of Pudding
Coffee Counter:
  1. 1 @7:53am Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
  2. 1 @11:22am Nescafe 3-in-1
Water Counter:
1 @8:17am 350 ml water
1 @9:40am 350 ml with Hydrite Oral Rehydration Salts
1 @12:34pm 350ml water
1 @4:38pm 350ml water
Rice Counter: 1/2 rice over a delicious Pork Chop
Merienda Counter: @2:34pm a plate of Baked Macaroni

Run down 9th Floor from 28th Floor in 00:02:55.

@5:13pm, a quick tempo run of 3Kms in 00:16:48

@past 9:30pm.
UNLI everything:
ice cream (choco and double dutch)
cake rolls (ube and choco marble)


Rice Counter:
  1. 1/2 rice over three super thin sausages
  2. 1 rice over Beef Ampalaya
Coffee Counter: 
1 @ 10:13am Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
1 @2:54pm Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee

Merienda Counter: @1:10pm 1 order of Ginataang Mais
Bread Counter: 1 piece of Chewy Bicho @ 5:39pm

Water Counter: 
1 350 ml @ 2:02pm
1 350 ml @ 3:49pm
1 350 ml @ 5:45pm
Vitamin Counter: 1 capsule of Moriamin @ 2:02pm

Walked down from 28th floor to 9th floor in 00:03:50.


@5:20pm 1.5Kms Billat’s 30/30 done in 00:12:44. Max Velocity is 12.3 kph

@6:56pm 4.0Kms easy run in 00:29:24.  Max Velocity is 10.1 kph.


Coffee Counter:

1 @ 6:30am Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee

1 @ 9:34am Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee

1 @ 2:05pm Brewed Coffee

Rice Counter: 1 fried rice over Tinapa and Longganisa

@4:44pm, Chicharon and Nissin Cup Noodles (BEEF)


CM42. My own record shows 40.6 kms done in 10 hours 7 minutes. 5:27am to 3:35pm.

Average Speed is 4.0 kph

Max speed is 11.5 kph

Max elevation: 1,244 meters

Elevation Gain: 3,250 meters

Week 2 for 250

Started with a rest.


terrible toothache. swollen gums and all.

@7:15am - ACECLOFENAC 100MG
@7:27am VITAGIN
@8:08am Arthrite + 2 capsules of Sodium Ascorbate

Post-Dinner weight @8:55pm = 60 kgs. STILL!
NO RUN…*****


Gum still swollen, tooth still aching.

@9:33am NURON-E


  • @7:25PM 267 SIDE TWISTS
  • @7:32PM 258 UPS
  • @7:38PM 176 HIP ROTATIONS
  • @7:45PM 271 KNEE UPS

2 minutes squats. 87 counts only.

NO RUN…*****


Coffee Counter: 3 Nescafe 3-in1 Coffee
@3:01PM Bacon Sausage bread by Dough Joe
@3:05pm 1 Moriamin Capsule
Rice Counter: 1/2 Rice

#tabataeverything #dahilmaulan

348 ups
250 overhead squats
345 side twists
Density,Mountain climber and Vertical leg crunch in 00:03:25
10-count Hip Rotation and Flamingo Stretches in 00:03:30

NO RUN . . . *****


Coffee Counter: 1 @ 7:49am + 1 @10:00am + 1 @ 2:56pm Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee + 1 around 9pm Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
@8:12am Clindamycin + Mefenamic Acid
Rice Counter: 1/2 rice. + 2 rice over a yummy fried chicken
@9:38am 1 Moriamin Capsule
@10:40am 2 capsules of Sodium Ascorbate
@2:15pm a serving of Baked Macaroni
@2:42pm Clindamycin + Mefenamic Acid

@9:31pm 8.01KM Run Walk in 1:12:19.

  • 2K walk
  • 1K jog
  • 1K tabata run
  • 2K easy run
  • 2K walk

Average Speed: 6.65km/h

Max Speed (velocity) : 12.37 km/h

Elevation Gain: 405.56 meters

Shoe for this Run: THE retired Reebox Real Flex (prep for it’s return to Miyamit)


Breakfast of 1 Fried Rice, 2 Fried Eggs, 1 Hotdog
Coffee Counter: 1 @ 8:01am KOPIKO Astig 3-in-1 + 1 @12:11pm Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee + 1 @3:08pm Nescafe 3-in-1 Coffee
@8:05am Clindamycin + Mefenamic Acid
Rice Counter: 1 Fried Rice (Bfast) + 1/2 Rice over a Sisig (Lunch)
@1:42pm NURON-E tablet + 2 capsules of Sodium Ascorbate
@2:17pm Clindamycin + Mefenamic Acid


Measly Miles
Measly Miles

Cavinti Trail Chronicle

SUNDAY, the 8th of September, 2013.

I left home at 2am to Jollibee, Guadalupe where I will meet CJ Paran. By past 3am, he arrived followed by Benj Termulo. We then proceeded to Michael Lafuente’s abode.

By 4am, we’re already on our way. It was a cool morning with occasional showers and thunderstorms.

We reached the starting line of the Cavinti Trail Test Run at quarter to 6am.

Familiar faces all over the place. Hardcore ones.

Photo Credit to Ronnel Go
Photo Credit to Ronnel Go

By 7:25am, we started moving. It was already raining hard. We have no doubt about continuing. The question is if we will last. 🙂

I was wearing an old realiable shoes for this event. My adidas Super Nova Glide 2. It now has 721 kms for mileage. Still tough. Still intact except for the small portions of the rubber soles eaten away by the mud. 🙂

The route is made of clay soil. The rain made it more sticky. That only means, I will have to carry a lot in my shoes.

The route, despite the mud, is majestic. I love the elevation profile and the view. Lots of greens, contrasting and complementing the red soil.

Photo Credit to Vener Roldan
Photo Credit to Vener Roldan with Chito Carreon on the route

The entire run recorded by the majority is 24.96Kms. We didn’t count the walk back up , the push to the Jungle Fighter Truck, the added splash of mud…

THE truck that carried us Photo Credit to Joseph Baltazar
THE truck that carried us
Photo Credit to Joseph Baltazar

My Trail record shows an elevation gain of 1,206.05 meters for this run. Again, not recording the walk climbing up.

Max elevation is 526.6 meters and the minimum elevation is 167.92 meters.

My own record (delayed due to the delayed capture of the GPS) is 24.14 kms. Done in 3 hours 47 minutes 55 seconds. Average speed is 6.35 km/h. Average moving speed is 6.99 km/h. Not bad for a hard route.

It was an epic trail run with an epic adventure.

  • Nice RUN
  • Boodle Fight
  • Rafting
  • Visit to the Cave
  • buwis-buhay road trip thru the mud via the jungle fighter truck

I was able to get home at 10:10pm.

Photo Credit to Ronnel Go
Photo Credit to Ronnel Go
BOODLE. Photo Credit to Ronnel Go
BOODLE. Photo Credit to Ronnel Go
Photo Credit to Rocket Bong Alindada
Photo Credit to Rocket Bong Alindada (with Vener Roldan ahead of me)

The walk from the river up started at 1:53pm to 3:38pm. We had to stop since the Jungle Fighter Truck can carry us at this time. We reached the concrete road of the town at 4:54pm. That’s how slow we were travelling. Anyways, by God’s loving-grace, we safely made back to where we started after a short cleaning at bumbungan resort (?)

All thanks and praise to the God Almighty!

Consumed the following during the run:

  • Moriamin Capsule
  • Gummy Bears
  • Hopia + 2 Juicy Lemon
  • Planter’s Trail Mix


  • left-over Trail Mix
  • Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles


  • jeep fare home to guadalupe P 11.00
  • jeep fare guadalupe to home P 11.00
  • dinner at HenLin P 94.00 (post event)
  • Hopia + 2 Juicy Lemon P 20.00 (before hitting the trail)