Dreaming of BDM?

If you have…

Then you ought to know a lot of things.

Endurance wise, you may already have it. You may already have finished 50K, 60K, 70K and even 80K. The remaining 22K remains your unknown.

You may even have the stamina, but with a lacking experience, you need to learn the strategy. One mistake will really cost you the race.

Of course, this post will not apply to the true monsters of running – them who doesn’t require to be taught, told or lectured. Them who knows everything. Them whose leg strength can go beyond 102 kms.

My post is for those who lacks experience – the 102K newbies who are up to the challenge of finishing the race before the cut-off of 18 hours.

What you guys need to know is as follows:

  1. Training most beneficial
  2. Strategy more realistic and effective
  3. Logistic that works

Now, start thinking. 🙂




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