Solid and Liquid


when I started my training, I have limited my daily coffee to 3 cups only.

Breakfast is optional, lunch and dinner is a must. I would normally gorge on Pork Meals, but Chicken and Beef is also an option. Lettuce with rice meal is my favorite.

  • sinigang na liempo
  • binagoongang liempo
  • barbecue
  • longganisa
  • fried chicken
  • sinigang na panga ng tuna sa miso
  • beef and corn
  • others

I like peanut butter sandwich so much.

Water is my choice after training and running.

MILO and Ovaltine is also an option.

My personal choice is Vitamilk Choco Shake, and SILK choco milk.


I believe in a good meal after any run or race.

Thank God that I can eat anything while in a race. Yes, anything. My stomach just do not get upset. The only problem I ever had is the loss of appetite – which is easy to fix. 🙂


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