My CM42 Story

I wrote a reminder to myself before this big event.

Reminder to myself. :) With full stress on the Mandatory Gears.

Trash Bag should be included
Head Lamps not mentioned but I think I will need one.
Water Cup
Handheld Bottle I think is not a good option in case of a strong rain (I will be holding a walking stick!)
Poncho for me (to protect my back from extreme cold)
Visor to cover my eyeglass
2 liters of fluid (my choice of : Mogu-Mogu, Chuckie, Moo, & Water)
Extra Joss Sachets, MILO R2 Sachets
Gum Candies

I failed to bring something important due to time constraints. It’s something I will pay for later too.

Around 8pm of Saturday night, the 21st of September, I was in bed with a fever and colds. The run is in my mind – but I was ready to DNS if ever. BY 10:30pm, after taking medicines and resting, I was able to get up and pack my things. I knew I can do it. I believe I can. I do have high hopes that my shoe will be up to the challenge.

It was an instant healing after my wife prayed for me.

By near 12 midnight, my daughter send me to the gate and I hailed a jeepney to Guadalupe.

Andro Garcia was already in Jollibee too when I get there. A few minutes later, Mike Lafuente arrived. Thanks to him. We have a ride to Porac on this rainy night.

We stop-by McDonald’s Lakeshore for a short snack. Benj and Damien already there too.

I knew I will need a Trekking Pole given the weather. I did bought one for myself from Benj. (and it turned-out to be the wisest decision of the weekend!)

with Andro, Damien, & Benj + Lory
with Andro, Damien, & Benj + Lory

The rain poured heavy and continued even as we start the race.

@5:27am, the race started. I finished at 3:35pm. A  good 10 hour 7 minutes 45 seconds. See the segment of my run/walk/rest, as follows:

  1. 5K in 00:50:21. Idle time of 00:02:25. Average Speed is 6.0 kph. Max Speed is 10.7 kph. Max Elevation is 519 meters. Elevation Gain = 483 meters.
  2. 5K in 01:01:46. Idle time of 00:06:22. Average Speed is 4.9 kph. Max Speed is 11.5 kph. Max Elevation is 862 meters. Elevation Gain = 475 meters.
  3. 5K in 01:13:49. Idle time of 00:16:01. Average Speed is 4.1 kph. Max Speed is 9.1 kph. Max Elevation is 1142 meters. Elevation Gain = 612 meters.
  4. 5K in 01:14:33. Idle time of 00:16:59. Average Speed is 4.0 kph. Max Speed is 8.3 kph. Max Elevation is 1244 meters. Elevation Gain = 400 meters.
  5. 5K in 01:32:48. Idle time of 00:26:26. Average Speed is 3.2 kph. Max Speed is 6.8 kph. Max Elevation is 1185 meters. Elevation Gain = 326 meters.
  6. 5K in 02:03:15. Idle time of 00:54:27. Average Speed is 2.4 kph. Max Speed is 6.6 kph. Max Elevation is 1083 meters. Elevation Gain = 488 meters.
  7. 5K in 00:58:51. Idle time of 00:07:32. Average Speed is 5.1 kph. Max Speed is 9.2 kph. Max Elevation is 928 meters. Elevation Gain = 202 meters.
  8. 5K in 01:06:34. Idle time of 00:13:16. Average Speed is 4.5 kph. Max Speed is 8.4kph. Max Elevation is 583 meters. Elevation Gain = 206 meters.


Idle time is my breather time – stops and rests to take a deep breath and recover. The longest one is due to the phone that fell somewhere. I had to backtrack and find it, then proceed. Thank God it’s safe and covered in plastic when it fell.

Average Speed fell terribly in the clay-part of the route where a lot have fallen due to sliding. I did slide but not once did I fall.

At the peak turn-around where it is most cold, I started to chill. (This I think is the reason why my cough and colds returned the night after the race when I get home)

Good thing, Aldean have a ready coffee. Hot, to boast!

After a few chat and photo ops, we head back…down to the falls. As recorded too, I wasted a lot of time. I did find it hard to run down the clay mud. It’s too slippery and I can’t afford to fall down. So I walked and moved slowly and cautiously.

By the time I reached AS3, I run down…all the way down to the falls. Yes, for a ribbon. Then walked as fast as I could up. With frequent stops to breathe.

At AS3, I knew I could beat the time. I have 4 hours till cut-off and I am sure that I could run all the way down – except for the clay-muddy parts again.

Same distance from the Start, I clocked at AS3 in 1 hour 51 minutes. Now I am going back to Finish from the same point.

I was running at a good pace. I do not intend to take so much rest nor slow down – but then the muddy part really does it again. 🙂 Thanks to the Trekking Pole.

I have to mention. The only aid station I was able to get water from the Peak is AS3. Thanks to CJ Paran and Juvy Pagtalunan! (Bored-mates on duty!)

At the last 6K aid station, I was interviewed…I was also given a Mountain Dew by Jerome Jamili. Thanks to Jing, Mama-o and Sheryl, and Jayson too!

At the last 3K aid station, I took time to eat adobong liempo and rice. I have time, and I know it. The result may not show it, but I did have a good run. Idle time is not that too much. This is a hardcore route. It’s harder than any average trails I have been to. All thanks to Otek and Ok Ok Runners.

Finally, after crossing the tunnel, I ran at a good pace to finish.

a few meters to finish
a few meters to finish

Official Result is out. As recorded, I clocked at 10 hours 7 minutes at the finish line. 🙂

Target Acquired
Target Acquired. Elevation Gain = 3,250 meters. Max Elevation = 1,244 meters.

All thanks and praise to God Almighty!

Pahabol: THIS IS MY 1st MARATHON for the year since December 4, 2011.


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