Review, Revisit, Relearn

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More than Just a FOREFOOT Runner

That’s exactly what I am doing, and continue to do in this first week of training for the longest ultra of my life – for now.

I need to focus more on the little but relevant informations I can get from the experience I have. It’s important not to forget anything. Miss out on one relevant detail and things could turn out differently to undesirable.

I do have a high tolerance to pain.

If there’s anything hard about running, that is the pain of a severe cramps locked in spasm. While it is a minor issue, and very much avoidable, only a few people can master it. By that, I mean, control limit the cramps to a minimum.

Actually, ultra is all about the pace, and knowing what to do at all times. One has to know how to minimize the impact of the heat & the pounding at the…

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Solid and Liquid


when I started my training, I have limited my daily coffee to 3 cups only.

Breakfast is optional, lunch and dinner is a must. I would normally gorge on Pork Meals, but Chicken and Beef is also an option. Lettuce with rice meal is my favorite.

  • sinigang na liempo
  • binagoongang liempo
  • barbecue
  • longganisa
  • fried chicken
  • sinigang na panga ng tuna sa miso
  • beef and corn
  • others

I like peanut butter sandwich so much.

Water is my choice after training and running.

MILO and Ovaltine is also an option.

My personal choice is Vitamilk Choco Shake, and SILK choco milk.


I believe in a good meal after any run or race.

Thank God that I can eat anything while in a race. Yes, anything. My stomach just do not get upset. The only problem I ever had is the loss of appetite – which is easy to fix. 🙂



By God’s grace.

Training is harder this time. Time and resources is in demand.

Long runs will take up a lot of drinks and fuels.

I am listing down my wish list as follows:

  • Volunteer support crew who can stay up longer than me
  1. Time Keeper (who needs to be very strict on monitoring my pace)
  2. Caring volunteer to give me exactly what I will list for hydration and re-fueling – knowledgeable in an ultrarunners nutrition
  3. Knowledgeable volunteer who can easily detect if anything is about or is going wrong just by looking at my run and facial expression
  4. Volunteer physical therapist for my special needs
  • Volunteer support crew with a volunteer support vehicle 🙂 (Let’s talk this over) 😛
  • Energy DRINKS and GELS
  • Liquid Meal Replacements

While training, I need:

  • Supplements
  • Hydration Supply

The same will be needed post-run.

for updating soon…


i WILL go. 🙂

no support though.

My Trail Details for Pagsanjan to Majayjay 50K Ultramarathon

Total Time: (7:59:13) I stopped my record upon entering the trail path to the finish line.

Moving Time: 6:59:23

Average Speed: 6:51 km/hour

Average Moving Speed: 7.43 km/hour

Maximum Speed: 10.80 km/hour

Elevation Gain: 2,357.40 meters

Minimum Elevation: 38.92 meters

Maximum Elevation: 487.52 meters

Minimum Grade: 1%

Maximum Grade: 2%


Shoes: Nike Lunar Glide 4 H2O Repel (Newbie in Ultramarathon)

Shirt: Blue adidas Climacool Shirt (which I took off due to the humidity of the route) LOLS 😛

Shorts: Nike Shorts

This Shirt and Shorts
This Shirt and Shorts
by KM 20++
@km 24



I left home early at 8pm, Saturday. Ronald Robles was already waiting at the bus terminal when I arrived. He didn’t know that if you pay as a regular, you get the Senior Citizen’s discount. LOLS. (I bet a lot of you have no idea about this too)

FARE: Buendia to Sta Cruz = P 112.00

We went straight to Jollibee for a meal. Well, he does. I just had a coffee. A nasty bitter one. Shame on this Jollibee branch. The coffee doesn’t taste like a brewed coffee. Just bitter. At about past 1am, we started finding the next ride to Pagsanjan. We even thought of just walking to get there. LOLS. 😛

Anyways, we got there too early. There are runners even earlier. Glad to see Bored Mates Daphne and Juvy.

TEAM BORING @ the site
TEAM BORING @ the site

By the way, Daphne made an impromptu decision to run – and another history is made. She finished as 2nd Runner up. Wearing her five-finger shoes!


Anyways, at least an hour before the gunstart, I started loading. 1 Chuckie + 1 suman. Zips of Gatorade, Water and Cobra.

At exactly 4:30am, we’re on!

My goal is just to finish this 50K in 8 hours. To make it faster is already a bonus.

I was at a good pace for the first 3 hours. I re-loaded on the 2nd hour of running. 1 chuckie, 1 pharmaton, 1 fudgee bar. I get hungry, you know.


Here comes the sun. What a beautiful sight it is in Caliraya.

By the 4th hour of my run, I was already struggling. No cramps yet. But my legs started to get heavy. I resorted to my fast walk – which is a very wise decision. Along the route, I bought Pop Cola, Coke, 7-up, Juicy Lemon, and RC Cola. The buco ice candy is also refreshing.


I was looking forward to the next 6 to 7 Kms for the next aid station. I really have no idea what will be there, but I will settle for a cold water.

Team Ek-Ek’s cold water spray gave me a lot of boost. Thanks again, Team Ek-Ek!  Somewhere past 20 kms, i took off my shirt and my arm sleeves. It’s too humid. While I get a good sweat, it’s too humid for me. I have no choice but to go up-naked.

I guess I will have to reiterate my gratitude to these Teams:

Salamat in Advance!
Salamat in Advance!

Here’s something funny. I ran out of water after the Knight Hawk’s aid station. I used my hand-held bottle to drink and to pour some in my head. I was really looking forward to’s station. I checked my GPS record and I was already at KM 39 – but no aid station yet. I walked as fast as I can at every ascent. I jogged every descent – regardless of how long. 😛

..and then I saw the aid station. It really felt so long. Yob was holding an iced tea (:P hehehehe empe pala!)  (an alcoholic drink which I almost accepted!) I took some flat tops and some corn chips and literally took a bath there. LOLS. How refreshing! They have a pail of water which I failed to notice at first. I saw it only after a few minutes of stopping there. Thanks again,!

Then I’m back with my pace. This time, looking forward to Team Marupok’s aid station. Any self-supporting runner would accept anything at this time of the run. The route is a rolling hills. You will see the elevation details later on.  Majayjay is majestic too.

This race reminded me of Fort Magsaysay. The difference is humidity.

with two tough runners
with two tough runners

At the Team Marupok’s aid station, I was given a VIP treatment – for that is exactly what I felt. 🙂 Maybe because I am already tired. Maybe because I really need a massage. 🙂 I was also given a cup full of Sago & Gulaman with Ice. I was given a massage with some ointment right where it hurts – my calf muscle. This happened on my to the turning point. I was given a cold-towel bath there. Courtesy of Doc Minnie Tomas. God bless her.


Going back to the Team Marupok’s station, I had another serving of Sago & Gulaman, refilled my water, and then went back to jogging. I jogged almost non-stop until the finish line. Thanks again, Team Marupok!  I have 35 minutes left to beat 6 Kms to the Finish Line. I was hoping to make it in 8 hours for the 50K. That is my goal and I aimed for that.

I was told that it’s just another 500 meters from the intersection to the Finish Line and so I ran. Next time, I won’t ask ANYMORE. The 500 meters is more than 2 kms I think. It goes a bit up and dipped un-ending-down – which is good for me! 🙂 See the route details below:

Thanks to Ms.
Thanks to Ms. Joanne R. Raquel

Finally, the sound of the people waiting.

Finish line in 8 hours 2 minutes. I had to walk on the trail part because of the Lunar Glide 4 I am wearing. First ultra of this shoe. It just can’t handle rough road.

52.5K IN 8:02
52.5K IN 8:02

Thanks be to God!

Kudos to the Otek and his Organizing Team. Great route! Great aid station volunteers! Great run!

The dip at the cold pool post run is a well deserved treat.


Week 1 for 250

WEIGHT = 60 KGS before training …

…and after Pagsanjan to Majayjay 50K. (walang impact?) LOLS

September 1, 2013 – Finished the hardest 50K Ultramarathon in 8 hours 2 minutes (Official Result). The Pagsanjan to Majayjay 50K Ultramarathon.

Race Result: HERE


September 2, 2013 – 3.04 kms in 00:22:13. 1K jog + 2K easy pace.

September 3, 2013 – aborted the plan to run.

Exercised and slept instead:

  • @6:46pm 10-count 100 side twists in 00:02:00
  • @6:49pm 100 ups in 00:01:58
  • DENSITY TRAINING: 7S-4PU-5VLC-X9 in 00:05:26
  • @6:59pm 15-count 105 side twists in 00:02:15
  • 4 gulps of water
  • @7:03pm 100 ups in 00:01:44
  • @7:05pm 50 standing freehand flyes in 00:00:50
  • @7:12pm 24 side bends in 00:01:00
  • @7:07pm 100 ups in 00:01:30
  • @7:08pm 50 standing freehand cross-flyes in 00:00:50
  • @7:11pm 5-count 50 side twists in 00:00:59
  • @7:14pm 148 Overhead Tabata Squats in 00:05:00
  • @7:19pm 100 ups in 00:01:20
  • 4 gulps of water
  • @7:22pm 20 lunges 20 00:01:19
  • @7:23pm 20-counts hip rotation in 00:02:20
  • @7:26pm 30 knee-ups in 00:00:37
  • @7:27pm 5-count Flamingo Stretch in 00:01:00

September 4, 2013 Rainy afternoon

@5:16pm an 820 meter run to the school in 00:06:56. With Green adiZero F50 Racer.

@8:26pm – Tabata Exercises #tabataeverything

  • 6 minutes: 94 hammer curls, 221 knee-ups, 109 side lunges, 303 ups
  • 4 minutes: 169 overhead squats
  • 3 minutes: 43 concentration curls

3 minutes: 5-count side twists, hip rotations, flamingo stretch

@9:28pm a 5 km run in 00:39:18 with adidas Super Nova.

September 5, 2013

@7:12am a 4.04 km run to work in 00:32:23 with adidas Super Nova.

@7:52am a climb from Ground to 12th Floor in 00:02:40

@8:14pm #tabataeverything

  • 6-minutes:
  1. 237 side twists
  2. 350 ups
  3. planks
  4. 259 cross-flyes free hand


September 6, 2013

@6:33pm ran 2.02 kms in 00:18:19 with adidas Super Nova.  Ave Pace = 9:04 minutes / km

@6:52pm ran 2.06 kms in 00:18:29 with adidas Super Nova. Ave Pace = 8:57 minutes / km

@7:11pm ran 1.02 km in 00:08:00 with adidas Super Nova.

2 capsules of Sodium Ascorbate

@9:47pm 1 Tablet of NURON-E.

  • 100 mg B1
  • 200 mg B6
  • 200 mcg B12
  • 100 I.U

Body stats this week: Measurement taken @10:00pm post-dinner

WAIST: 33 inches

TUMMY: 35 inches

CHEST: 36 inches

LEGS (ham-quads): 19.5 inches


ARMS. BICEPS/TRICEPS: 12.1  inches

FOREARM:  6.2 inches

September 7, 2013

@6:59am jogged 3.02 kms in 00:26:07.

@7:27am ran a 1.04 km tabata run  in 00:08:53. Exxhausting. Tired and sleepless, I was still able to push the velocity to 5:15 down to 5:46 / km.

@7:36am jogged 1 km and walked 2.87 kms in 00:44:45. Jog pace was at 00:08:38 per kilometer

@8:29am Breakfast of Palabok and Royal Tru Orange

@8:46am took 1 capsule of Moriamin.

Rest…for tomorrows long run in Cavinti!

September 8, 2013

Run/walk 24.96 kms of Road and an Epic Adventurous Trail in 3:50:15. Boodle fight after, and a short trip to the Cave. Then, a sudden change in the plan. We walked up. From 1:53pm to 3:38pm. Average Pace was at 20 minutes per kilometer. Fast walk along side Ronnel Go, Bong Alindada, and Vener Roldan. We also had to push the Jungle Fighter truck out of the mud pit. Dirty endeavor but it was worth it.

Epic it is! Super Epic!

right after the run
right after the run

Dreaming of BDM?

If you have…

Then you ought to know a lot of things.

Endurance wise, you may already have it. You may already have finished 50K, 60K, 70K and even 80K. The remaining 22K remains your unknown.

You may even have the stamina, but with a lacking experience, you need to learn the strategy. One mistake will really cost you the race.

Of course, this post will not apply to the true monsters of running – them who doesn’t require to be taught, told or lectured. Them who knows everything. Them whose leg strength can go beyond 102 kms.

My post is for those who lacks experience – the 102K newbies who are up to the challenge of finishing the race before the cut-off of 18 hours.

What you guys need to know is as follows:

  1. Training most beneficial
  2. Strategy more realistic and effective
  3. Logistic that works

Now, start thinking. 🙂