BATULAO Chronicle

I was early at the meeting place.


We should be meeting at 4am inside KFC Coastal. I was there before 3am. It was a cold morning. I was right about bringing a thick sweatshirt. By 4am when the group is already complete, we headed to the Bus Terminal at Coastal Mall. To Evercrest! The jump-off for Mount Batulao. We ate breakfast first at a nearby store whose name I forgot. They have a delicious-looking menu.

By 6:28am, we’re already walking to the gate of Evercrest. We opted not to get a guide. We’d just ask around – if ever we get lost. We did! LOLS.

Anyways, the route to Peak 8 was a bit easy. Going to Peak 9 up to the Summit was a bit challenging already. Top that with the Rappeling down from the Summit to the old trail’s Camp 7!

From Camp 7 to 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 – it was all just easy. We even stopped to eat. Camp 1 to Peak 1 is where the challenge is. 🙂

The heat of the sun made it all challenging.

It was a relaxed adventure. Lots of time to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We stopped to rest. We took our time on the descents and ascents. No pressure at all.

Pictures as follows:

From Crissy:

Peak 1
Peak 1
Evercrest Entrance
Evercrest Entrance
Summit too
Summit too

From Thei:

526958_730284683653631_1148660440_n 559465_730284496986983_528140011_n 922974_730287480320018_369342927_n 994631_730286633653436_485185930_n 996019_730286806986752_988000131_n 1374094_730286646986768_1091739904_n 1377123_730284873653612_1212994677_n 1377998_730285906986842_1198716282_n 1378506_730287273653372_102147138_n 1378664_730287263653373_1012644543_n 1379750_730286610320105_1973547726_n 1380113_730286296986803_306790976_n 1381746_730284830320283_28447597_n 1381750_730284226987010_728251861_n 1381853_730285010320265_1651240323_n 1382178_730285410320225_1109718877_n 1382311_730284576986975_205865593_n  1382987_730284826986950_2058867986_n 1383523_730284963653603_1517039040_n 1383532_730287386986694_1216058244_n 1383533_10201264730173732_1111781782_n 1384358_730286700320096_1811685460_n 1385145_730287390320027_643893396_n 1385804_730287290320037_660484406_n 1385882_730287413653358_838293238_n 1385940_730284543653645_2144910203_n 1390603_730284123653687_164377359_n 1393750_730286313653468_1201581621_n 1394136_730286840320082_1059893848_n 1394259_730284566986976_1593217944_n

Best Shot of Me!
Best Shot of Me!

From Jerome:

557256_10202314710657559_39942193_n 988332_10202314701497330_197799715_n 1374872_10202314695457179_381934134_n 1375136_10202314711857589_1517544510_n 1376372_10202314691497080_1310997090_n 1377459_10202314710417553_1972780860_n 1377575_10202314700737311_2134747294_n 1378352_10202314700937316_975956345_n 1378843_10202314695177172_1871720414_n 1379288_10202314707337476_1899885810_n 1379332_10202314687976992_1775301144_n 1381407_10202314695937191_829926128_n 1381664_10202314701297325_1087718360_n 1383212_10202314695657184_1601946906_n 1383859_10202314691177072_1584078735_n 1383932_10202314712217598_760208784_n 1383934_10202314704697410_565045473_n

I tried my best to beat my personal cut-off. 4pm at home!

Thank God! IN at 3:55pm!

All thanks to the Lord God Almighty!


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