Record 45


Yes, that’s how it is.


The time was 3:45pm in the afternoon. The weather is gloomy. A bit of a drizzle due to Typhoon Santi. Nowhere better near to run than in this place. 🙂

329 meters only for 1 Loop
280 meters only for 1 Loop
  • It’s near home. I can walk back anytime in less than 10 minutes.
  • It’s a bit cleaner (compared to the dirty road)
  • Lots of trees and shades for a small loop
  • It’s a safe place. Lighted and lot’s of vehicles passing nearby.

I was only planning to run at least a 10K for this afternoon. However, while on my jogs, I noticed how consistent my pace is. Then Zatopek’s workout entered my mind. Then questions, pop out. Can I really do 100 loops here?

I am also wearing a timex watch with only 9 laps. I started with 5 loops per lap.

By the 2nd lap, I am already thirsty since this work-out is a slow jog of 4 loops plus 1 sprint loop every 5th loop, of every lap. I just don’t carry anything to drink when I am not running more than 20K.

So, by the 22nd loop, while I counter my thirst, I still maintained my pace.

I was tempted to stop when I reached the 8th Lap (40th loop)..but then, the heck! I can still push and I know it. 5 more and a bit faster! LOLS

Here’s the lap detail via my Timex watch: Total time of 1 hour 38 minutes 45 seconds.

(yes, it’s a very boring loop) 1 LAP = 5 Loops or 280 meters x 5 = 1.4 Kms.

  1. 11 minutes 12 seconds .02
  2. 11 minutes 23 seconds .53
  3. 10 minutes 49 seconds .94
  4. 10 minutes 39 seconds .93
  5. 10 minutes 51 seconds .94
  6. 11 minutes 05 seconds .19
  7. 10 minutes 59 seconds .67
  8. 10 minutes 49 seconds .95
  9. 10 minutes 53 seconds .39

On the walk home, I bought a 355 ml Mountain Dew and took in a capsule of Heltine Multivatimins.

I was feeling better and I liked my run. I was able to run consistently and longer at this route.

I do plan to beat the 45 with a 50 next time. Looking forward to that! (100?)

All thanks to our loving God and Father!

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