Testing my K-Tsi

The maker calls it:

Kaalyadong Tsinelas (K-Tsi)

He is one from Cavite and a Team Mate of mine: Team Cavite ESE.

His name is Rhomnick De Rosas.

We met at McDonald’s Talaba for the pick-up.

Mausok. Matao. Mabagal.
My run before the meet-up, and breakfast at McDonalds.

Quick transaction. Little chat. Then I went home.

I wanted to try it out already but I was having a hard time deciding on the lacing. 🙂 LOLs

So, I ended up running in the afternoon of Sunday. A boring loop run at Plaza Dilao.


I walked from the house to Quirino Avenue.

The walk is already comfortable. It felt like my feet is “at home.”

on a walk
on a walk

Upon crossing, I started my garmin. Slow jog is what I have in mind. I don’t know yet how the Tsi will perform or how my feet will even react in harmony to it.

before crossing Quirino Avenue - right after the railway
before crossing Quirino Avenue – right after the railway

I started a 1K in 9 minutes 33 seconds. A jog indeed. Slowly, I tried to add speed. As you can see from the map, the loop is a protractor. The curve is my slow jog. The direct line is my speed. The fastest I could get – when I’m on a shoe.

I tried the same this time. Gradually increasing the velocity. I averaged 8 minutes by the 4th Kilometer. Since it’s getting darker, I need to speed up. And so I tried. The technique requires a bit heightened knee. The footstrike is not a problem. I landed on the mid-fore and kept at it. I increased the turn-around while lifting my knee a bit higher.

Nice feeling.

I was cruising at 6 minutes to 6:30. I liked it. No issues at all. The cushioning is perfect for me. Add to that – it’s very light!

Ending was an average of 7 minutes 30 seconds per Kilometer for a 9-km run. Not bad! Since I started the first 4K at an average of 8 minutes.


@7-11 after buying Powerade
@7-11 after buying Powerade

This K-Tsi can be trusted. But I will have to find out on a longer run…on a different road and route. I will also try a different but better lacing.


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