The Week before Race Week


A lot of things come to play in my mind.

What to do.

What to wear.

What to eat.

Where to sleep.

Where to rest.

…there’s just no doubt that I will go.

TUESDAY, the 28th of January, with PUMA Axis over Puma Dri+ Socks

@5:39pm 1.6 kms in 00:10:34

@5:32pm 1.0 run in 00:06:32

@5:24pm 1.0 run in 00:06:24

WEDNESDAY, the 29th January, with PUMA Axis with Inserts and Nike Socks

@6:29pm 900m walk in 00:10:01

@6:19pm 1.0 km walk in 00:10:19

@5:58pm 3.0 kms in 00:20:25

@5:56pm 100m walk in 00:01:40

@5:51pm 1.0 km run in 00:04:58

@5:38pm 1.0 km walk in 00:09:42

@5:32pm 1.0 run in 00:05:30

@5:25pm 1.0 run in 00:06:29

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