Some Guidance


is everything.

BDM 102 is not your ordinary fun run.

The result will show the unprepared.

Had a meeting with JC Igos, the runner I will be supporting for this event. I will be his navigator.

key instructions
key instructions

This is the 2nd time at the same venue. The 1st time was a meeting for N2N 55K, where he end up as the champion.

Partly, we discussed the crucial parts of the route where a runner might get lost.

I am attaching here a map I made. It’s the most accurate so far.

Study and memorize the route.

See you at the Finish Line.


PICO Chronicle


Like always.

I was already at Ternate at past 5am. It was too cold.

I have had a Shawarma at Coastal Mall before taking the bus to Tanza.

I had my coffee at Jollibee Tanza before proceeding to Ternate.

Before 6am, I ate a Pork Asado and Rice before the sun rise.

By the time light comes, and people start coming, I am already sleepy. lol.





The group at the Monolith…me with arms spread out.


Racing to the Summit with Epoy. I won of course!…lol

1601241_789035604443587_534752580_n 1779218_789033861110428_159838362_n

I lead the group climbing up. Gave a lot of instructions climbing up the Monolith and going down. Again, a lot of instructions going down the 2nd Peak for the new ones – strangers included.

Thanks for the Chicken Adobo! And the Tocino with Rice.

I ran out of water but I wont complain.

The heat is hot enough but not so hot.

Took me a lot of time going home…

Thanks to Epoy and his group for this hike. It’s one for the books!



Gratitude To the following people:

  • The Master – Cindy Sevilla
  • Spouses Boo Toledo & Vivs Toledo
  • JC Igos
  • Spouses Noel & Nette Castillo
  • Jeffrey Poblete
  • Jerome Jamili
  • Thea Sangrador
  • Brian Tan Seng
  • Daphne Codilla
  • Juvy Pagtalunan

To my supplies: Php 735.00

  • GU energy gel x 3 Php 225.00
  • Clif Shot energy gel x 3 Php 255.00
  • PowerGel Performance Energy x 3 Php 255.00
  • Hammer Gel x 3
  • Chia Seeds

To my gears & gadgets: Php 2,990.00

  • Cree Torch Light Php 479.00
  • Miracle Socks – Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks x 2 Php 358.00
  • Strutz Cushioned Arch Support Php 254.00
  • Yoobao Powerbank Php 1,599.00
  • Reflectorized Vest Php 300.00

I have prepared and later found out that I have not done enough.

I have completed the 1st Leg – Manila to Dau 90 kms on time. Thanks to a Leg 1 Finisher’s Shirt!

After starting for the 2nd Leg Dau to Urdaneta, I had to stop at Gerona, Tarlac due to a very stiff quads. I started at a 5K per hour walk – hoping to feel better and start running before sunrise. I was able to but for a very short while only. Entering Tarlac City, I did my best and tried –  but I can’t maintain a good 5K per hour. It was a struggle. It is already too hot and I am unsupported. I had to call the shot right there and then…while I can still walk to get a ride.

It’s an epic race of epic proportion. I would like to complete it too. Maybe, next time. 🙂

But I finish what I started. I will schedule a run from Gerona, to Baguio. Soon…when I get a visa. 🙂

Thank you for your support. Thank you for believing in me, in what I am capable to do.

To God be the glory!

Doing the Math

REQUIRED: a minimum average pace of 10 minutes 40 seconds per kilometer on the 1st & 2nd day.

1st Leg/Day—-90 Kilometers in 16 Hours. Finish Line @ Kilometer Post #90 in Dau, Mabalacat, Pampanga

2nd Leg/Day—-90 Kilometers in 16 Hours. Finish Line @ Kilometer Post #180 in Urdaneta City (Pangasinan)

3rd Leg/Last Day—-70 Kilometers in 16 Hours. Finish Line @ Rizal Park, Burnham Park, Baguio City


Runners who will NOT be able to finish each leg within the prescribed cut-off time will be declared DNF. There will be Intermediary CHECKPOINTS along the way where the RD would declare a runner as a DNF if he/she could not pass the said point. These Checkpoints are unannounced places.


Each leg of the race shall start at exactly 1:00 AM and nobody will be exempted from wearing the necessary equipment like,

  • headlight/flashlight,(CHECK!)
  • reflective vest,(CHECK!)
  • and hydration system during the night run. (CHECK!)


Finishers will be awarded with Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s T-Shirt, and Certificate.

Podium finishers for the Men’s & Ladies will receive Trophies.

Finishers of EACH LEG will receive a Finisher’s T-Shirt.


Runners will run along the old MacArthur Highway all the way to the Finish Line. From the Starting Line, runners could take their selected route up to Monumento/Balintawak Circle/Statue in order to proceed to MacArthur Highway. Runners must be able to reach the Monumento Area in 2 Hours. From Pangasinan, the route to Baguio City will be the traditional Kennon Road.

the fastest way to monumento
the fastest way to monumento


The race will start at 1:00 AM of Friday, February 7, 2014 at Kilometer #0 at the Luneta Park. Assembly Time starts at 11:00 PM of Thursday, February 6, 2014 for those who have yet to be processed and for the inspection of required running kits for every runner. Runners are advised to be at the Starting Area at least One Hour before Gun Start.

I AM UNSUPPORTED: while there are a few number of people who believed in what I am capable of – I just can’t let them down. At least I will have to give it my best – trying.

Participants can be supported by their respective support vehicle/support crew or run as unsupported throughout the race. Runners must follow the Rules & Regulations of PAU Road Races and/or the established Rules & Regulations of the Bataan Death March 102K & 160K Ultra Marathon Races. Ignorance on these Rules & Regulations will NOT be considered as an excuse for being Disqualified in the Race. (Note: If this is your first time to join PAU Races or never been a Finisher of the BDM Races, it is your personal responsibility to browse this blog and read on the Rules & Regulations)


This event is a 3-day stage, solo running event covering a distance of 250 kilometers from Kilometer Post #0 in Luneta Park, Manila to Kilometer Post #250 at the Rizal Park in Baguio City (near Burnham Park).


Beat the cut-off for each day until the last day . . .

Stay as warm as I can during the cold mornight.

Stay as cool as I can during the hot day.

Survive with the little I have.

Conserve until the last 5 kms. 🙂

Put all and everything in the hands of God.