Gratitude To the following people:

  • The Master – Cindy Sevilla
  • Spouses Boo Toledo & Vivs Toledo
  • JC Igos
  • Spouses Noel & Nette Castillo
  • Jeffrey Poblete
  • Jerome Jamili
  • Thea Sangrador
  • Brian Tan Seng
  • Daphne Codilla
  • Juvy Pagtalunan

To my supplies: Php 735.00

  • GU energy gel x 3 Php 225.00
  • Clif Shot energy gel x 3 Php 255.00
  • PowerGel Performance Energy x 3 Php 255.00
  • Hammer Gel x 3
  • Chia Seeds

To my gears & gadgets: Php 2,990.00

  • Cree Torch Light Php 479.00
  • Miracle Socks – Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks x 2 Php 358.00
  • Strutz Cushioned Arch Support Php 254.00
  • Yoobao Powerbank Php 1,599.00
  • Reflectorized Vest Php 300.00

I have prepared and later found out that I have not done enough.

I have completed the 1st Leg – Manila to Dau 90 kms on time. Thanks to a Leg 1 Finisher’s Shirt!

After starting for the 2nd Leg Dau to Urdaneta, I had to stop at Gerona, Tarlac due to a very stiff quads. I started at a 5K per hour walk – hoping to feel better and start running before sunrise. I was able to but for a very short while only. Entering Tarlac City, I did my best and tried –  but I can’t maintain a good 5K per hour. It was a struggle. It is already too hot and I am unsupported. I had to call the shot right there and then…while I can still walk to get a ride.

It’s an epic race of epic proportion. I would like to complete it too. Maybe, next time. 🙂

But I finish what I started. I will schedule a run from Gerona, to Baguio. Soon…when I get a visa. 🙂

Thank you for your support. Thank you for believing in me, in what I am capable to do.

To God be the glory!

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