PICO Chronicle


Like always.

I was already at Ternate at past 5am. It was too cold.

I have had a Shawarma at Coastal Mall before taking the bus to Tanza.

I had my coffee at Jollibee Tanza before proceeding to Ternate.

Before 6am, I ate a Pork Asado and Rice before the sun rise.

By the time light comes, and people start coming, I am already sleepy. lol.





The group at the Monolith…me with arms spread out.


Racing to the Summit with Epoy. I won of course!…lol

1601241_789035604443587_534752580_n 1779218_789033861110428_159838362_n

I lead the group climbing up. Gave a lot of instructions climbing up the Monolith and going down. Again, a lot of instructions going down the 2nd Peak for the new ones – strangers included.

Thanks for the Chicken Adobo! And the Tocino with Rice.

I ran out of water but I wont complain.

The heat is hot enough but not so hot.

Took me a lot of time going home…

Thanks to Epoy and his group for this hike. It’s one for the books!


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