Takbo sa Pagbangon ng Leyte

I left home earlier than usual.

I intend to walk and warm-up before it starts.

Good decision! πŸ™‚

With almost no sleep I proceeded with the plan of making a 1-hour or sub-1 time. I just wanted it that way.

Looking back to my last official 10-km race, I recorded a time of 59 minutes and 35 seconds. It was also too long ago – July 14, 2013 at the Takbo.Ph Runfest! The week before this event, I managed a good 57 minutes and 6 seconds at the adidas King of the Road race, 7th of July 2013.

It’s really that long. I have gotten used to starting a race early and above 50K, but I do run a lot of any distances below 30 kilometers.

Going back to the race –

I did enter the chute and positioned myself at the back since the road will open on its own after about 2 kms. I just continue with my ups and hips rotation until the gun start.

I did start fast.

5 minutes 30 seconds for the 1st kilometer. While I am chasing no one in particular but my goal – I find it a bit too fast for my own good.

I immediately slowed down for the 2nd kilometer just to be sure, and pick-up a pace I can sustain from there.

Found it.

5:40 – 5:48 is a lot easier, with occasional burst to 5:00 and 5:30.

I just needed to maintain a good average pace of 5:40-5:45 and I will be hitting my goal for sure. πŸ™‚

So I kept the pace and maintained it to the best of what I can.

Im so glad that things turn-out better than expected. I don’t feel tired at all and I am enjoying my pace. I clocked at 28 minutes sub 29 at the 5K turn-around. It was all the more reason for me to feel better…

I was thinking that even if I stayed at 6 minutes per kilometer after the turn-around, I will still be at a sub-1-hour finish. But then I felt good. So I pushed further. No hard effort – but some easier approach to the finish.

Last 1.5 kms to the finish line, I raised the tempo from my fastest easy to something that will require some effort. I switched to longer stride, faster turn-over and more on forefoot. It’s a bit of a risky thing to do then – since I have spent an entire month and more to running flatfoot.

Anyways, last 800 meters, I switched back to flat foot and hit it fast to the finish line. It was a good glide, I thought. Effortless-seeming-flat-foot-run to the finish line…

Hitting a good 56 minutes 46 seconds. πŸ™‚ a good average of 5 minutes 39 seconds per kilometer. I even stopped 5 times to grab a water to drink.

Such blessing from God!

Glory and honor to Him who is Almighty!

Thanks to PDIC for this event. It’s for a noble cause – worth lauding!



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