Le’Dawn 10-in-1 Coffee

This day of May, I with my loving wife became a Dealer for Le’ Dawn Coffee.

By God’s grace, we have decided to make it our business.

With a 5 x 5 Marketing Scheme as Business Model – I believe it will work. All that is needed is a P 200.00 for the purchase of the product (1 box of 10 sachets).

I get to use for my own consumption the one I bought, I could also sell to anyone,  and/or help others by making them my dealer. It’s a good business – if one would just work for it.

May the Lord bless the work of our hands.



An organic-based herbal coffee with a fine taste.

Not sweet nor bitter.

Creamy even without so much Froth.

The Contents


This 10-in-1 healthy coffee is a superb blend of rich coffee, non-dairy creamer, sucralose, plus exceptional herbal extracts from Malungay / Moringa Oleifera, Tongkat Ali, Agaricus Blazei Murrill, Barley, Gingko Biloba, Spirulina and Ginseng.

10390426_527355867375056_8453134243131267900_n 1513762_527355280708448_5435127098388695139_n 1925037_527354607375182_3247516485488095162_n 10295816_527356057375037_6438757643950782449_n  10337748_527356557374987_2484096941682898043_n 10372321_527354074041902_5489909598043948102_n 10390090_527355564041753_6270420709184071434_n

Health is a choice.

Being healthy is.

Healthy eating habit, (in this case, a drink) is best combined with a good exercise routine of at least 30 minutes per day.

One may never enjoy the future without a good health.

It’s never too late.

We can all start with a cup of coffee.

Order and contact me via cell # 09178244626.



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