Takbo.ph Runfest 2014

As usual, I am early at the venue. Gunstart is at 4am. I came too early at 2:30am.

I was able to see some few familiar old faces. Timmy and Ronnel, Boo and Vivs, Jon (Hugo) before the race.

At near gunstart, Blas, Mccoy, Bong, Rej, Mark and Bea, Joy, Rania, and James.

During the race, in it’s entire course, Gail and Noy, Running Diva, Natz, Alheyn (Tin), Jestoni the Mental Patient, Craig with Justin, Rico, and the Boring marshalls – Nonong, Edwin, Jet, Rod, Topher, and Julius.

I clocked at 1:05 in the first 10K. I knew then that If I will maintain my pace, I will finish at 2:10. It’s easier said than done though, but I managed. Official Result released at the same night, I finished in 2:10:34. It was a punishing route for the unprepared. Kalayaan Flyover + C5 ramp in the last 1K. Not to mention the gradual declines and inclines in Lawton Avenue to Gate 3. Very nice route for me. Challenging, but very nice!

The route was well-marshalled. I don’t think anyone would ever get lost in this route. The distance markers are also well-placed. Except for the turn-around-route-band-giver, (they should have spread-out over an arms distance to each other, rather be closely standing together – which creates a funnel of stranded runners) everything’s just perfect.

After crossing the finish line, I immediately proceeded to find the loot bag and finisher’s shirt counter.Found a place to sit and stretched my legs.

Mark Lourielle of Team Powerpuff, also from Team MOA before, sat beside me after the race. He just won the 10K category and was seriously running. I shouted out to him twice before the finish line. We were just at a shouting distance in Lawton and at the last 2K. Jogger Natz bagged 2nd place. He’s just smiling while running. They are racing a 10K while I am on my way to finish my 21K. 🙂 amazing people.

After taking in a bottle of Pocari, and Lipovitan, and a gulp of water, I walked around and proceeded to Kalayaan Avenue for a ride home. The sun is a bit hot for this particular morning. It was a good day for racing.


Races and days like this should go on forever. 🙂

Thanks to Jinoe and Que Gavan.

Kudos to the Race Director, Doc Lyndon Cosico. Another job well done! Same goes to all the marshalls.




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