The Concrete Plan

4 Training Peaks this year. 1st two (2) in detail now. The 1st Peak A 12-week program to start on February 1, 2015. All about the base. A streak of daily runs with varying mix all aimed at developing a good and solid base in preparation for the 2nd Peak. Not an easy one – but also not impossible. The key is in control of the paces.The shorter the run, the faster. The slower the pace, the longer the distance must be covered. 🙂 The goal is to maintain the EASY pace of my current fitness. Exactly how would my first day run in this training would look like?  – It will be a 3K and a 5K time trial. 🙂 Best effort at holding the fastest pace I can. That’s just the first day. Anyways, it will all be written here as I progressed. If the Lord is willing, this will go smooth as planned. (updated as necessary)…


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