Cry For Help

Took some time for me to write about it.

Letting the public know is something I had to think about.

I have friends who are not in Facebook, or Twitter. I don’t even have everybody’s email address.

I guess this is the best course of action – to cry for help.

Some time in October of 2013, I availed of a housing loan. In-house.

I was able to pay a couple of months of the amortization pending the Letter of Guarantee from my bank to take out the property in my favor.

However, due to the slow process – documentation, miscommunication, etc., the process took a drag. Last November 2014, the most awaited Letter of Guarantee came out. However, I have to pay the cost of the transfer of title and some interests from my arrears. Again, another month passed by with me arguing over the amount required. Last December 2015, a new computation was given. However, while it is a bit half of the original amount required, it is still too high for me. I already have spent much. Savings. Loans. Exhausted all possible means I can to raise the cash required. Hence, this writing.

I still need at least P 80,000.00 cash.

All I could pray for now is for my friends, and acquaintance alike to respond. But, I will not be able to pay this (if lent to) until the property is taken out by my bank and my advances are given back to me. That would be a matter of 4 to 6 months.

Basically, that is the dilemma.

By next month, the computation will increase due to another interest.

I cry now for help. To anyone willing to lend me at least the above-mentioned amount payable in 4 to 6 months in full.

Knocking on kind hearts.

May the good Lord bless you all.

Thank you.

– Mar

(Just PM me here, or thru my FB or Tweeter for the account details)

Just an afterthought:
4 people with P 20,000.00 each will do the trick. . .and a lot more like it. 8 people with P 10,000.00, 16 people with P 5,000.00 and so on. Of course, 1 blessed person with so much could really help a lot.

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