The End

December 2014 was my last official race. A 50-kilometer Ultramarathon, the Tagaytay to Nasugbu, and a 10-mile Trail, the Mt. Talamitam Challenge. I finished both with a respectably good time, but I didn’t pay for the registrations required. 🙂 Somebody does.

That’s how it’s been for the longest time now. I honestly cannot afford the registration fees.

So, I run on my own. 😉 Who says you have to spend so much to run? I can race on my own too. Well, technically, that wouldn’t count. What I mean to point out is that I can run at the same speed as I would on a race – on my own.

I could only reminisce when years ago, a registration fee for a race is no more than P 200.00.

I could still use P 200.00 now…for my meals, drinks and fare to run someplace. Say, fare to Imus, run to Dasma, back to Imus, fare back to home. If i would eat at Mcdonald’s, I’d still have some loose change for my P 200.00.

But it’s just me. It’s what I do.

That is the END I go to. I already have a lot of medals. I already have so much singlets. If ever I would spend on a race registration, it will surely be a long as the 100-km distance.

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One thought on “The End

  1. Cloudshocked

    I haven’t been joining races for over a year now. I still hit my weekly quota of 12 to 22 miles per week- as I have for the past 21 years (this excludes 2006-9, when I hung up my shoes due to back problems).

    I wonder where those “blowhards” in some running communities are now? Tumatakbo pa kaya? A recurring pattern I’ve noticed over the years is that many usually end up with waistlines at the European equivalent of your US shoe size (check the charts). As Fr. Picardal once wrote- “many have stopped running and grown fat.”

    As for me, race or no race, I will run as long as my body allows (hopefully forever). And yes, I have a life besides running, and manage my responsibilities to my family and career quite well alongside it too.

    Run well, run strong, run forever.

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