The Month of March

Aside from this month being the birthdate of my parents, it’s also the month I made a good and big progress in my training. 🙂

I postponed the hardcore CORE training up until some other months because I work at night for this month. Energy is already up and at a good level, but I have to balance my time…family, work, running. I did not even accept coaching for this month.

Here’s my progressive mileage so far, for this month. Note that I have not been joining any race.

As of the night of March 25, 2015
As of the night of March 25, 2015

With this much, I have been ranking at 2nd, 3rd, and now 4th, as of this writing. Only in the Philippines, among those who are up to the challenge.

4th, this day
4th, this day

I am already at my racing weight. I already have maintained it for this month. I am still not racing though. Not registered to any up coming race too.

It would be as expected, by the end of this month. A 250-km mileage, if not more. Anyways, it’s a personal challenge to me. Given the work I have, the schedule, family time and errands all factored.

I was not able to run a marathon yet. I also failed to execute a planned ultra distance some time on the 2nd week.

To God be the glory!


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