Yes, please be.

If you are in the arts and is already out of creativity, go out and see new things. You just might stumble on a piece that could inspire you.

This happens a lot to me.

I have lots of interests, of course.

I am an avid fan of colored pencil drawings. Seeing how others do it the way I haven’t done before can really inspire me to find my pencils and start drawing too. But yes, no one has seen my pieces yet. lol

Same goes with running. I’m someone you can consider a veteran…but I have an attitude of a newbie. I am open to new ideas, methods and approaches that I think MIGHT actually work. Reading stories of successful runners can inspire me a lot.

I am also an aspiring writer. It’s always been a dream for me. Someday, maybe.

Looking forward to that great inspiration for writing to come.

One day!

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