First Race of the Year 2015

April 24, 2015
I was looking for a 21K race bib at least for the past few days. I was already ready to settle for a 10K when I saw a post of a runner who can’t make it on the run. No hesitation. No doubt. I messaged the owner of a 42K bib for the National Geographic Channel Race.

It was already late in the evening. I was watching full game NBA highlights of the playoffs until past midnight.

I just can’t sleep. This has been going on for weeks now. Even a 2K jog will keep me awake till morning.

I tried to just relax in bed. Watching my wife and kids sleep.

Near 5am, April 25, 2015, I received a reply from the owner of the 42K bib. I’m just glad. I agreed to meet her at U.P.

I took a jeep to Taft, and another jeep to Quezon Ave. From there, I took a bus to Philcoa. Started jogging from Jollibee to UP oval. At km 2.6, I was approach by a lady. There, the bib!

It was a short chat. I hurriedly go back to Philcoa while unaware that my garmin stopped. Lost at least 1.5K there. Anyways, I was so sleepy on the way back home.   


After lunch, I fell asleep. Finally. Hahaha

By 8pm, April 25, 2015, I woke up and get up for dinner. Prepared my stuff. At 11:30pm, I am already out and on the road to MOA.

I walked from Libertad-Harrison to MoA. Proceeded to the 7-11 at Bayside and have my dose of Mochaccino.


A past 1am, April 26, 2015, I checked in my bag, went to the starting line and jogged to warm-up. After my warm-up, I have decided to go for a sub-5-hour marathon. An official PR, if ever.

2:00am, April 26, 2015, gun start. I started at my sub-7-minute pace. Hoping to maintain the same until I finished…knowing that I will be running faster after 5K and will slow down at KM 30. Of course, this is not my first marathon. 😉

I clocked a flat 60 minutes on the first 10K. A bit faster than planned. I guess I’d maintain. By Km 21, I clocked at 2 hours 12 minutes. Indeed, a sub 5 in the making. But by KM 22, I started to struggle. Felt sluggish and tired and sleepy and hungry. I relied on nothing but the pocari sweat and water on the road. I guess I’d just go for a 2-hour-48-minute 2nd half marathon to get my sub-5. Always trying my best to maintain a 7-minute pace per kilometer, at least.

Then, I was reduced to walking. Up Buendia-Kalayaan Flyover, and again, the stretch to Bayani Road.

I also noticed that there’s something wrong with the route. We go further at Km 26, when its supposed to be the U-turn. I moved on and ignored the thought.

At 5:45am, I was at Km 30. Last 12K.


I took a screenshot of my recorder. Indeed, a long route compared to the markers visible on the road. It was already a clear morning. I got excited given the time I have.

My mind flew at every KM I covered on the last 10K. So, I thought. Entering CCP, where we converged with the huge crowd of 5, 10 and 21K runners, I got more excited. At the last 2K marker, I walked. Since the crowd was so big and I can still get a sub-5 with just 2K left even if I jog and walk. But to my surprise, we had to turn left at Diokno, and go to the other end of Seaside Blvd! Oh no! This is indeed a longer route than 42.195. I checked on my record and its a whopping 43.9K and I am not yet in Seaside. Goodbye PR. I maintained a pace for a 5-hour finish.

Anyways, I ran more and faster when I thought I was at the last 1K only to run longer. Hahaha. There. I didn’t walk nor stop in the last stretch to Seaside and up to the finish line. As we draw near to finish, many runners now know that its a long marathon.

I crossed the finish line at 5:09:35 in the overhead timer. I immediately stopped my recorder. See the log.



Still managed a good PR on my Strava Recorder. Mileage of March 2015 paid off.

It was a good race. A good time trial for the big MILO qualifying race.

Now I have something to start with and asses.

All thanks and praise and glory be to God, our Father!


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