Great Improvement

Last year, I made a plan to make this year a year of breaking records and PRs. So far, I have beaten myself in a couple of races now.

Last April 26, 2015, my first race for this year, I was able to run a new personal best on a 42K. Of course, almost all distances below except 10K was a PR.

The following month, May, I joined a 10K fun run in Pasig. Again, I was able to beat my own PR. I was so happy with the result of my erratic training. Low mileage yet effective workouts. With or without sleep doesn’t matter.

Again, last June 14, 2015, I joined PAL’s Manila Marathon. Such prestige in the name but was a poorly managed race. We started by a countdown. Not a single tarp to say we are in what event and where exactly is the start. First water station is at KM 1 followed by the next one in KM 7. Tough race indeed! But, wait, there’s more! Since this is a 2 loop route, we already know the distance after the first. See my snap-shot below.


See! First full loop is only 16.2 x 2…and they added another small 5K loop after the 2nd Loop … For at least 37.4K. Add some more to the finish line and this will only give you a 38K distance. See below.


Sad to say, despite my faster time than last time, no new PR.


Some minor few, though. It’s a sure new record for me if this was only a 42K.


Anyways, I already have exceeded my own expectation. Once again, I have proven to myself how effective my methods of training is. Careful note must also be made that I have not added any strengthening workouts like I would when preparing for an ultra. It’s bound to happen soon though.

If ever, by MILO race day on July, I just might run a new best time…but its still tentative. What’s important now is to rest and recover well for the next hard workouts. Small minute details do take care of the big events. ๐Ÿ™‚

All thanks and praise be to our Lord God Almighty!

Deep Things

Singing this scripture really gets me emotional…

Revelation 21:3-5 of NKJV.

The song is the scripture song by Esther Mui. I have an OFFLINE copy from YouTube. I’m not sure if it’s the melody, the sound, the tune, the truthfulness of the word or something else. It really makes me cry. Maybe I am really just looking forward to it.


I’m a believer…but more than that, I deeply long for the knowledge of the Lord.






2nd for this Year

Just yesterday, it dawned on me.

I was busy at work and not able to run as often as I should.

..I have a marathon on Sunday!

Yes, it’ll just be my 2nd for this year. The first being a good PB and PR at the National Geographic Channel Race last April 24, 2015. I was sleepless the day before it. Hopefully, I could finished well and good this time. Manila International Marathon is a great race even before. Then, the cut-off is 5-hours. Whoever changed the cut-off to 6, I don’t know. I won’t point a finger here. I’d just run the way I always do. Easy pace…running along with how I feel and listening well to my body. A new PR or PB wouldn’t hurt but I will not focus on that. I’d enjoy running as it comes to me. That’s how it should be.

We’ll see by 7am of this coming Sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Hopefully done by then! cut-off!)