This will be an epic fastest known time (FKT) 21KMs trail run challenge.

While Mount Marami is only about 633 MASL (meters above sea level), it is still a challenging trail – to the unprepared! 🙂

Yes. To a field of seasoned athletes – mountaineers and runners and ultraruners, this is chicken. But to the you-know-who occasional/recreational joiners, this could prove very challenging.

Official Event Poster
Official Event Poster
Route Map
Route Map with Elevation detail

Anyways, with my plantar pain and occasional backache on this race week – I’m having doubts of making it to the starting line. But with God’s grace, I just might be there and finish this distance.

Tips for the unprepared:

  • bring extra hydration for your own use before the aid stations
  • bring extra small bites for your own use before the aid stations
  • dont waste time on full stop – keep walking
  • bring a trekking pole
  • wear the lightest gear you have
  • tag along with a buddy (to push and pull each other)

Crossing my fingers. 🙂




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