The Real Unbelievable (PART 1 OF MANY)

Now this is a bit shocking.

This is also very revealing but it has to be done.


I have a son. He’s good looking and always smiling – from what I can recall in his childhood. He’s also fun to be with and is very caring, and very obedient.

Now I wonder why things happened the way they have.

He is already a petty thief before graduating elementary. He even stole his mother’s wedding ring and have it pawned by someone else. Yes, we were able to recover – and paid for it.

He is a big source of stress in his young age, at grade 5 and 6.

Here’s the big puncher.

He stayed with his grandparents for 2 years. 1st year and 2 year High School. This is where he started to become a total stranger to me.

For our desire to have the family complete, I had him transferred back to my care on his 3rd and 4th Year as High School. It just hit me. I really do not know this guy. He can lie straight face. He wouldn’t budge even when asked. He refused to obey – blatantly. I could have been so wrong getting him back. He is the biggest source of stress for the entire family. Uncaring. Not just to his parents, but more so with his siblings. Unyielding. No matter the instruction on what to do, he just wont do anything. Untruthful. He simply cannot tell the truth. He is also the worst thief. He just takes what he likes, what he wants – and will deny taking it. God, this is very unbelievable! He was also allowed to graduate High School despite failing marks! (This could only be God’s grace!)

Despite God’s loving grace, he still bad-mouths his mother. He even curses. He would never talk to Me and would avoid all possibility of talking.

He is in his first year of college now. He is still uncaring. He lacks totally any care for his siblings. To the house where he sleeps. To me who provided for him, and to his mother who takes care of every little thing he needs. Such love! Yes, his mother irons his clothes for him even while he curses her and shouts at her. He is slowly getting violent by the minute…

Just recently, within the last week, he punches a hole in the wooden wall simply because her mother refused to give him what he want. A few days after, he throws things and smeared the wall with red cutics (his sister’s) just because he was not granted his request. He was simply asking for P 30.00 for internet gaming – at past 10pm of the night when we are about to sleep. This guy is already nearing 17 – in a few days. Which reminds me. He goes to school in the morning and go back home not earlier than 9pm. It always seems to be past 11 or worst, 1am – when everybody is asleep and he bangs the door so loud upon arrival. A real king in the making. Demanding as a grave.

He makes-up things too – for the money. He pads what is only needed. He needs P 50.00 to pay something at school – he would ask for P 150.00. Even when he doesnt need to be someplace else, he would find a reason to go out. And yes, the minute he goes out, either he goes home very late or he dont.

Just last week…he left Saturday morning. Not a word to me. I have no idea where he goes. He came back on Sunday morning – and immediately sleep. We then go to Church and to a Feast of the Lord. By the time we got home, there he is – asking to go out late at night. For all the time he stayed in the house alone, it didnt really occur to him that he needs to wash his school uniform and prepare it. He expects his mother to do that. Very unbelievable. He is also angry that there was no food…when in fact there are some in the freezer ready to be cooked. Yes, I think he expects again, his mother to prepare food for him. But wait, there’s more. When we arrived a bit hungry and was talking about what to eat, he cooked 1 chicken FOR HIM ONLY! He ate and go back to his sleep! Oh God!

Well, this has to be written and brought out in the open.

This is my cross.

I am carrying it as much as I can even when I hate it.

But what can anyone do to a 16-yr-old-about-to-turn-17 who doesnt listen and obey?

Here’s one more shocker. All this time, to the shock of her own mother, we were sending sms to someone unknown to us. I was giving him instructions thru text since it’s the only way I have to reach him – but the number is someone else’s. The number is the same number he gave his mother. So i copied. But that same number is not with him. Unbelievable? That’s true!

I haven’t gotten yet to the bottom of the real score about the Cherry Mobile ME I purchased for my wife’s mother. The unbelievable stole it. I know it’s him when I noticed the phone missing. Wife says he admit it this time – that the phone is with him – but he is not giving it back! OMG!

Luckily, wife saw the phone in his shorts while he sleeps and took it back! Thank God!

Well, if you have read this and is lucky enough to have an obedient son and daughter – cherish that. Praise and Thank God for that. It’s what my wife and I long for – the respect due us.

This cross bears so much weight. I continue to carry…but we cant tell for how long. Who knows when I might just throw the cross? We hope in the Lord. We also need prayers. We also need help on what to do. My wife does not agree with violence. She’d cover for his unbelievable son when I am angered – and I would stay put because of her. She never bad-mouths. She never utters a bad word.

Anyways…I do long for that day when I will have no more ‘unbelievable’ problem. That one day when the shocking things cease.

God be praised.


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