It’s too soft a word for it. I abhor it more…

With it, I mean, the way our politicians do politics here.

Yes, they’d do anything to get the vote. Once, voted do, they do anything too – for themselves. Sad to say, but that is how I see it. That is how little – maybe! – my knowledge of the accomplishment of our politicians – if they ever did accomplish anything.

Picture this. Politician who never sang nor dance in his lifetime suddenly dances or sings to the crowd – to woo prospective voters. I hate it. Very abhorrable.



Breakfast Buffet At Cafe Arquiza

I was early for a few minutes before it’s opening. Christian came next, then Abby, and finally, Niña. I started with the sliced bread, and Orange marmalade over a good serving of egg omelette, hungarian sausages and ham over brewed coffee. This first serving is good enough for me. 🙂 Then came the second plate. lol. I’ve had my 2nd cup of brewed coffee, a chunk of chicken, a few more spoonfuls of veggies, and another round at the hungarian sausages! lol. Due to time constraints, we have to go back to the office. Next time, it’s got to be a longer time! Nice food for an affordable price. 🙂 Pictures to follow!