I run more frequent now.

I see a lot of runners daily.

I come across different kinds.

Some of them are familiar to me already. Yes, just the face.

There is this girl. I’ve seen her so many times already. Not that I would even bother to know her name. She could also be Korean. Today, the 2nd of December, I saw her again like I did on the 1st of December. She is moving a lot slowly today. More like struggling. As I was about to wrap my run, I catched up to her again and saw her start walking. I cant help but think: Now this one needs a coach. Not that I am judging her. I just based my thought on what I saw. She hasn’t improved a bit since way back before. She still wore the same outfit over and over again. She must have a dozen of it. 🙂

I also came across a little girl today. She was running. I can feel her effort. I thought she was really just a little girl running and followed by her parents. lol. She’s alone! Her face is matured though. Her hair is overgrowned and unbelievable too thick for a runner. I admire her effort though. On my way back to P. Gil from Folk Arts, I didn’t see her again.

There’s also this bunch of young men. I don’t know if they are jogging or walking. At the rate they move, it’s confusing. I passed by them north bound. Again, I passed them again, south bound. They’re gone though on my return.

Running is a very enriching activity. It’s beneficial to the body. Only, to get the most of it, one needs to learn the right things to do. By engaging it more often, and getting good guidance.






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