Browsing through the net, and googling anything that comes to mind, I chanced upon something I never knew.

But before that, I asked myself: Where are the takbo peeps? San na nga ba sila ngayon?

So here’s some discoveries:

  • May blogsite created for Marcelo. (see). Obviously, none else is written to propagate nor expound the site.
  • There was an article written for a group of Ultrarunners who ran 100 kilometers to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the super typhoon yolanda. “they offered the memorial ultra run to the victims and survivors of the storm”. (see the article)
  • Ultrarunning enthusiast should read this blog of BDM 102 – the birth of it all. (see the blog)
  • Ultra running is very much alive now. Go anywhere and anyplace. There’s an ultrarunner near you and an ultrarunning event too!
  • There’s a number of runners not running anymore. lol.
  • If you google PHILIPPINE ULTRARUNNERS – kulelat na pages na ako lalabas. lol. Mga bida muna, syempre! Tapos, mga extra! hahahahaha
  • South Luzon is very much alive on ultrarunning event. I will join again…soon! (God willing)

..and I never get to find out where na, the people I am looking for. 🙂



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