If only there is a route map…:)

Map of the race trail route and the map to the starting line.



The Leg 2 of New Era Trail Running Series has just arrived!

If you finished our Leg 1 (Mt Marami 21KM FKT Trail Run) then you experienced a trail full of challenges! Rain, notorious mud, countless assault and river crossings, you name it, its all there! But the view along the route and the priceless moment at the summit (Silyang Bato) will never fade in our memories! That’s why we are bringing you “The Beautiful Horizon” “Silyang Bato to Pico De Loro Trail Run Traverse” the continuation of the New Era Trail Running Series (2/3). Yes, we are challenging you to another level of trail running! The question is…. are you up for the challenge?

It will be the first trail run traverse edition that will happen on the mountain range of Maragondon, Cavite.Mt Marami, Mt Mataas na Gulod, Dos Picos, Mt Palay-Palay and Pico De Loro are on…

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